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Happy Halloween! Advice from Local Animal Shelter on Halloween Safety

We have to do something
Picture courtesy of BC SPCA

October is upon us and that SPOOKY occasion is nearing!

As Fall sets in and it continues to get colder and colder, all those poor stray animals stuck outside in the chilly weather need our help! We have do whatever we can to help, no matter what it is or how big of an act, everything counts and makes a difference in the life of an animal in need. Share this photo to spread the word!

dog 328849 Winnie 800x500

As you may already know, Shear Comfort is a HUGE supporter of the animal community in Vancouver. We have partnered with BC SPCA to help stop animal cruelty and better the lives of as many little guys as we can. In the past 3 months, we donated around $4500 to BC SPCA. But did you know that our monthly donations are thanks to our customers too? For every online order we get, we donate $1.  So… big thanks are in order to our many customers for helping us donate to such a great cause!

Here’s an update about what’s going on at SPCA during October and November. We like to stay in the loop and think it’s important to let others know how they might be able to help. .

Halloween Safety for Animals

Halloween is more Trick than Treat for your Pets! 

Halloween can be a great time for you and for your kids. But that’s not necessarily the case for your pets or farmyard animals. Firecrackers and fireworks are not the only things that scare them though. While Halloween Safety is definitely important for our kids, pet owners may not be as aware of the safety of their furry family members. Just think about all those crazy costumes that may scare your little toddler: the same thing goes for your pets! Trick-or-treating is a highlight for the kids, but for your pets it can be scary and make them anxious. Keep them safe this year everyone. So many animals get hurt during Halloween — not just from firecrackers, but reckless people and unfortunately careless pet owners. We are all responsible for saving animals!

The BC SPCA is setting out to make pet owners aware of Animal safety during Halloween. Here are a couple of tips the SPCA suggests to keep in mind:



Other Updates from Our Local Shelter

Furry Book Buddies

Smaller cat

Photo courtesy of  BC SPCA

Cats reading to kids?

Well not quite… But the program does invite young readers to hang out with cute little kitties while enjoying a good read. The benefits are two folds: kids get to improve their reading skills and the cats get socialization. It might just be what your kids need to actually want to read. This is an after school program starting in November. Cats can be purrfect reading partners. Children from grade 1-8 and their parents are encouraged to bring a book they are reading at school or for fun. But they have many books there too in case you forget one or want to read something new. is also kind of nice for kids and parents who can’t have pets. You both get the chance cuddle with the furry felines.

Good thing this program starts after Halloween because if those kids were to read the cats scary ghost stories, they may just end up looking like this one.


Happy Ending for Horace

Smaller cat

Photo courtesy of BC SPCA


I am a firm believer that any act, big or small, will make a difference in the life of an animal in need. In the case of Horace, it started with a simple dog walk.

“During his stay, Horace met one of the regular dog walkers named Sarah. She took him many times for a walk and decided she wanted Horace to meet her other dog Maggie. After a meet and greet on October 4, 2014, Sarah decided to add Horace to her family.”

One small act turning into a life changing act for not just Horace, but for Sarah too.



SPCA Swag 

This ain’t your average “logo t-shirt” kind of swag. They have some pretty cute tanks with some great quotes and graphics that are eye catching. Check them out for yourself!

I have my eye on the “Love is a four legged word” tank! #LEGIT

cat 340527 Manicotti 800x800

Picture courtesy of BC SPCA

We have a few SPCA Rescue dogs among our Shear Comfort family. Do you have any happy rescue stories that you want to share? We would love to hear about them!

Don’t forget to share this post to fellow pet owners about the advice from our local animal shelter on Halloween Safety. Happy Halloween!

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