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Cars of the Future: Out-of-this-World Future Cars and Innovative Future Car Technology that Is Going To Be a Reality

Future Cars

It is truly incredible how far car technology has come since last year, five years ago, even 10 years, let alone since the first cars rolled onto the scene in 1885/86. The cars of today are incredible pieces of mechanical engineering and innovation.

What’s even more amazing is that even futuristic car technology is becoming a reality. While some of the future car technology in this list has yet to be implemented, it is in conceptual and developmental stages. With the way car innovation is progressing at an exponential rate, we could expect to see a few of these advancements in the very near, very tech-forward, out-of-this-world future.


Nissan Future Cars: The ‘Self-Healing’ Terminator Car


With Nissan’s amazing Glow-in-the-Dark car, it is not surprising that the automaker is looking for other car innovations to develop. Nissan is calling it Ultra-Ever Dry paint and when it starts being applied to new Nissan vehicles, there’s a possibility of it reducing the necessity of drivers washing their cars forever.

Who wouldn’t want a self-cleaning car that doesn’t need to go to the car wash? Even though this doesn’t mean you don’t have to clean the interior, it does help you maintain the exterior condition. The nanotech paint is capable of repelling dirt, water and oil.

To be more specific, Ultra-Ever Dry uses a proprietary omniphobic technology. The car paint tech coats the vehicle and protects it by creating an air barrier on the body’s surface. This also gives the car’s exterior self-healing properties to fix minor scratches.

Still being tested, Nissan has yet to reveal the official date this self-cleaning and self-healing car paint will be used on its vehicles.


Shape-Shifting Car Tech to Personalize your Drive


Still in the concept phase, this mind blowing, shape-shifting vehicle is intended for a futuristic carsharing world. The Mini Vision Next 100 is going to monitor your driving behavior in order to transform and accommodate desired specifications. The car offers the ultimate driving experience and, by learning from your driving behaviors, it will know who you are and what you want. The car will be able to suggest where to meet your friends and what routes you might prefer. The Mini future cars will also be completely autonomous; all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

Check out the amazing future that MINI is trying to cr



Google’s New Car Tech is Flashy in a Different Way


Google’s self-driving tech lab is at it again and the most recent development has a very real and important purpose: detecting emergency vehicles.

The soon-to-be patented car technology is capable of “seeing” and interpreting emergency lights in the colors or red and blue, with the possibility of a third color being detectable. This detection system will ensure that Google’s self-driving cars can differentiate between emergency lights and traffic lights.

While this Google patent may not be as cool as a shape-shifting MINI, it is going to be an essential part of future car technology and safety in Google cars. It’s flashy in its own right.


European Streets Will Have Folding Cars


Yes, you read that right: folding cars. This electric vehicle (EV) tech development is set to be implemented in the streets of Europe in conjunction with a carsharing program.

While all eyes have been on auto giants like Ford, BMW, GM, Tesla and innovative companies like Faraday Future, there is another EV company we should all be aware of and it goes by the name of Hiriko. This company is developing future cars with the ability to fold into small parking spots, while still offering a reasonable 75 miles on a single charge. The car is so compact that it doesn’t even have room for a gas tank. This is the future of electric cars.

Here’s a full demo of the cars in action:



Mercedes-Benz Future Vans


Mercedes-Benz has come out with yet another innovative concept car. Well, a van this time actually. The Vision Van uses a Sprinter platform that is expected to have a 102-HP electric motor. This future van is estimated to be able to travel up to around 167 miles on a single charge.

The concept van will be used as a full-service package-delivery system with a rooftop drone that is being developed by Matternet, a drone company in California. The drones will be able to fly packages weighing up to 4.4 pounds autonomously. They will be able to travel as far as 12 miles when fully charged.

Are you ready for these cars of the future and all of their awesome future car technology? With steps being made towards adaptive driving with AI and features that once may have seemed altogether impossible, car technology of the future is progressing faster than the speed of light.

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