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Future Cars Are Going to Be More Than Just Modes of Transportation

Future of Cars Self-Driving
Note: This article is by Brandon Baum of the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs. He is the winner of ShearComfort’s Automotive Scholarship for the Fall 2017 school semester.

The year is 2027, and cars are believed to have reached the pinnacle of innovation. They are environmentally friendly, generate no emissions, the aerodynamics of the car’s body literally slices through the air, and most importantly, they are now self-driving, and self-aware of their surroundings. Making automobiles safer than ever. There is literally no need for human interaction. The self-driving technology is a structurally systematized solution as they are now required by-law to be universally built into every car, making traffic lights obsolete as the communication between each vehicle are so in-sync, information travels between one-another at the speed of light. Therefore, vehicles can respond appropriately, minimizing the time of travel, and reduces car-related injuries. 

Cars Will Be Like Mobile Rooms


Cars are now moving living rooms. A regular car fits four people comfortably with swivel chairs, but can be maximized to fit almost ten people, while bigger cars can fit even more people. Tables fitted in the middle of the car, is now a regular commodity, as the cars now travel so smoothly, families can eat, talk, and play games in their moving living rooms. Science fiction has finally become a reality to the public, becoming a worldwide trend, as people renovate their cars with various accessories. With padded leather seating, reclining chairs, and mini-bars. Luxury has become standard to people with self-driving cars, as families can travel the country nonstop, except for to stop for repowering. Taking interior car customization to extraordinary feats. 

Where I Fit Into The Future of Cars


Self-driving cars are the future as massive companies such as Tesla, Google, Uber, and every car manufacturer are investing heavily into self-driving car technology, also having the capability to be self-aware of their surroundings. Stopping for pedestrians, animals, and debris. I plan to duel-major in computer science and electrical engineering, along with some business experience, I plan to be with the team and crew working on these cars, and a few robots, to solve how to make them self-aware of their surroundings, and adjust to their environment accordingly. I plan to become the project’s manager of this program, to make sure this technology can be administered to the public effectively and efficiently, with proper testing so the public can be assured the technology is safe to use, for themselves, and their families. This product will require an uncountable amount of testing to ensure the safety of the passengers, along with customer’s consultation to make the software safer, and drives smoother than past developments. With strong dedication, this endeavor won’t go to waste. 

Technology will always get better to further the progress of humanity. To make people’s lives easier, has now become the focus of modern day research and development. The development of self-driving and self-aware vehicles will be an extraordinary feat for humanity, as we are enabling the progress of software to keep people safer; and that alone is something everyone can support. 


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