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Funny Car GIF Collection: Funny GIFs About Cars, Driving Fails & More

Bad Driver

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a good laugh.

Whether you’re on your way to work, you’re on your coffee break, or you’re perusing the web while on the job (don’t worry, your secret is safe), here’s a stockpile of funny car GIFs to get you through the day.

Let’s get started, shall we?

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Funny Car GIF Collection to Get Yo Laugh On


Sometimes this is all it takes

GIF found on Reddit

Best thing ever.

Funny Car Wheelie

Hilariously funny car GIF from OhMaGif.

One of the best driving GIFs I think I’ve seen.

GIF found on Pinterest

Ummm… Aren’t you forgetting something?

Credit goes to Gifbin for this truck GIF.

Stay away… Stay far, far away.

Found this bad driving GIF on good ol’ Giphy.

You might trust your dog to love you unconditionally, but when it comes to driving, that’s a whole different ballgame.

Dog Driving Gif

Thanks to Funnyordie for this one!

I could almost trust this guy though…He just looks so confident.

Cool dog driving gif

GIF credit goes to Giphy again. They have some pretty funny GIFs!

I just don’t understand why there are so many cats and dogs driving out there!

GIF from PopKey

It’s all fun and games until….

Giphy earns the credit for this one.

Rowan Atkinson, you make my day

Rowan Atkinson Funny GIF

Found this funny car GIF on Reaction Gifs

#1 rule of driving, never leave monkeys unattended in your car.

GIF from Giphy

This takes either some serious practice and skill or just darn good luck.

Awesome Parking Job GIF

Found this guy on LaughingGif

Homer Simpson loves his donuts

Homer Simpson Doing Donuts

GIF found on Tenor


Another bad driver GIF from GifBin

Rock on, man.

Waynes World Driving Gif

GIF found on Giphy

This is SMH-worthy.

Bad Driver

Found this bad driving GIF on BuzzFeed

Because, why wouldn’t someone do this?

Dog and Kid Car Racing GIF

GIF found on Reddit

Rrrrrrrun, matey!

Jack Sparrow Funny

Funny car GIF from Pinterest

To hear The Rock belt it out go to UpRoxx

This trucker takes the fast and the furious to an entirely different level.

Crazy Truck

Car GIF from GifBin

This driver has some mad skill too.

awesome driving

Funny car GIF from Pinterest

Game over

Bad Driver Stuck on Side of Road

GIF from PBH

Hope you enjoyed this collection of funny car GIFs!

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