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New Honda HRV, Ford Ranger Returns, Tesla’s Insane Mode and More Exciting Car News

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Guess Who’s Back, Back Again? Ranger’s Back, Tell a Friend


Yes, you read that right. The Ford Ranger is due to be back in production in the U.S.

It is said to be more than just rumors by Clifford Atiyeh of CARandDRIVER. With production of the Ford Focus and C-Max moving from their Michigan factory to Mexico, not only did Ford want to keep 4500 workers with jobs, but they sought for a suitable replacement. They have come up with a solution.

What better vehicle than the Ranger? With the industry leaning towards subcompact vehicles, the Ranger will fit right in. As Atiyeh explains, the Ranger is going to take on “slightly shrunken proportions” that will “pay dividends for parking, fuel economy, and price.”

Attiyeh also explains that the Ford Ranger is going to be geared towards drivers who want a more compact truck because “not every truck buyer wants or needs a half-ton”.


New Car Features, Unwanted and Unused


It seems like every week, major car manufacturers are coming up with new gadgets and features that will be included in new 2016 models — all things for consumers to ogle over when deciding on the next car to buy.

But in a recent article on Autoblog published on Aug 27, by Pete Bigelow, many of these new features remain unused. Bigelow explains that J.D. Power reports that “20 percent of car owners have never used 16 of 33 new technology features available in their vehicles”. This is not because they do not know how to use them or are unaware that they are there, but rather “they’re specifically unwanted” reports Bigelow.

The list of unwanted features may come as a big surprise for many, says Bigelow. Among the rejected tech

Features are Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Bigelow stresses that it is not “old fogey-types” that is rejecting these new features, but rather the “Generation Y buyers who are most dismissive”.


Keyless Ignitions Cause Lawsuit with the Push of a Button


When the innovative, push-to-start technology started to appear in new vehicles, convenience was the first thing that both manufacturers and consumers thought of. All you have to do is have your fob in your pocket and press “START”.

While this feature seems not only convenient, but rather cool, it has taken a turn for the worse, reports Chris Bruce of Autoblog. The feature has made it easy for drivers to forget to press the button to turn off the vehicle when they park and get out, which can be a deadly mistake. As Bruce explains further, when a car is left on for a long period of time in an underground garage, the fumes can become poisonous. As a result, this has become a deadly feature that has killed over 13 people and caused many injuries from carbon monoxide poisoning..


 Tesla is Insane in all the Right Ways


Just when you thought Tesla couldn’t get any cooler, they hit a record breaking top score that is literally insane.

Consumer Ratings has evaluated the Tesla’s Model S and its “combination of power and efficiency was so off-the-chart that they had to recalibrate the ratings methods” reports Mark Clothier of Bloomberg News.

In this report featured in the Globe and Mail on Aug 27, Clothier explains how “Consumer Reports had to reassess how much to weigh things like acceleration, where the Tesla is as much as twice as quick as other vehicles.”

The Tesla Model S is able to accelerate “…to 97 km/h from a stop in 3.5 seconds using the car’s ‘insane mode,’” Bigelow elaborates. Now that’s crazy cool!

TheGlobe and Mail

Hi-5 Honda! 5 Star Safety Rating on the New 2016 Honda HR-V


Federal Government has ranked the new 2016 Honda HR-V to have a 5 Star Safety Rating, reports Anita Lienert from Edmunds on Aug 25.

The new subcompact SUV has “earned the highest five-star safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration” for the front crash test, the side crash test, and the rollover crash test.

Available now, the Honda HR-V is going to be a great vehicle for families. With this high safety rating, it’s going to be serious competition for the Chevy Trax and Nissan Juke.  We’re working on patterning seat covers for the HR-V right now!


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