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Why Yes Siri, I Would Like a Coffee!

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In an article published on July 5, Elisabeth Berhmann teases with an opening line that “self-driving cars will do so much more than drive”.

One can only wonder what this might entail. But without your imagination getting too carried away – No, they will not be able to go to work for you while you hit the beach.

You may be disappointed with that fact, but you’ll be happy to hear that your future self-driving car might be able to get you your morning cup of Joe quickly and easily on a stressful Monday commute (this includes paying for it too!). Interesting enough, this technology will come to be a reality when the auto industry stops looking at the self-driving car as only a vehicle, but rather a full service mobile device that is a part of the automotive and service industry.

You can read more on the topic on

What an Uber Great Suggestion!


It seems like Uber is always making a splash in the news each week and last week did not go by without some sort of mention of the infamous company.

As of July 8, Uber entered into a testing phase for a new technology that will suggest where customers should be picked up. This feature will show Uberites a map of pick-up locations that will be quickest. Uber is trying to make it as user friendly as possible so that more people will be able to utilize the feature properly.

The Second Generation Ecto-1 Revealed


Photo Credit: @PaulFeig

Photo Credit: @PaulFeig


There has been a lot of hype around the new all-female casted Ghostbusters movie that is expected to hit theatres in 2016. Up until July 7, no one knew what these ghost fighters would be driving. But at last, it has been revealed. .

Twitter blew up when director Paul Feig tweeted #whattheygonnadrive in the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot.

The second generation Ecto-1 is well, interesting to say the least. The Verge explains that it looks a bit “boxier” than its predecessor, but maintains certain features like the side-mounted ladder, Ghostbusters logo and the red and white colors.

Way Better than Hiding Someone’s Keys


Another new technology has been in the works that is as big as the invention of the “seat belt” says USAToday. The tech development is set out to reduce the possibility of drinking and driving by using breath and touch.

Here’s how it will work:

When a driver enters the car equipped with the technology, the car will use sensors to detect the alcohol level in the driver’s blood stream through a breath sample. Using a screening process, when the driver touches the start button, the technology will read how much alcohol is the drivers’ body. If they’ve had too much to drink, the car won’t start. Pretty smart, right?

While this preventative technology is currently being developed, it not expected to be road-ready for another 5 to 10 years. So for now, you’ll have to use the old trick of hiding people’s keys!

The Unattainable Electric Car


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From January to March 2015, Norway blew the US out of the water when it came to owning electric cars.

Norway’s current ratio of fossil-fuel to electric vehicles is 1:3, while in the United States, it is 1:100. Yikes!

But why is there such a big gap?

The reason is not because Americans do not want to drive an electric car, but rather that they can’t afford to buy one.

But this is not going to be the case forever. As John Gartner from Forbes writes, efforts are being made in the US to try to make electric vehicles more affordable for an average-income person. There are many programs being put in place to both give incentive to buy an electric car and to decrease the actual cost it takes to own and operate one.

There is still hope yet!

To read more on the programs check out toe Gartner’s article on

Check back next week for another round our Car News Catch-Up! Thanks for reading.

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