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Dogs in Hot Cars: 6 Tips Dog Owners Must Know on This Hot Topic

Keep Your Dog Safe and Cool This Summer
Dogs in Hot Cars Tips and Info

It’s getting hot, hot, hot! And while most of us love it, some of us can’t take the heat. Some of us includes not only human-kind, it includes some animal-kind as well. Specifically, our beloved canine pals.

Dogs need to be paid special attention to during the hot summer months. They don’t get awesome tans like us! They just get hot and overheated which can lead to pretty severe injuries and sometimes fatal consequences. The most common issue that arises in the summer is “hot dogs in cars”. While there may be a general understanding of what to do and what not to do with your dog when travelling on the road in the heat, there are tons of misleading information out there. As dogs owners, we think it is super important to pass on the right information to fellow dog owners.

That’s why we’re giving you some of the best practices for travelling with your dogs and tips about hot dogs in cars.


10 Minutes or Less Is All It Takes


On a hot summer day in your car, it can take as little as 10 minutes for your dog to show signs of overheating which could lead to heat stroke. We’re not trying to scare you here, but give you the necessary information to make sure your dog is safe and healthy during the hot summer months. We all love going for road trips with our dogs, heading to the beach or hitting the shaded mountain for a fun hike. But, if you aren’t aware of how little it takes for heat to harm your beloved four legged family members, accidents can happen.

Keep Dogs Cool in the Summer While Driving


Always Have Water On Hand


Sometimes when you first drive away on your daily commute or road trip, the weather can be quite a bit cooler (even rainy). However, as we all know, weather conditions can change drastically quite quickly. One minute it is raining, the next, the hot sun beating down on your car. To ensure that you’re ready for that sun and keep your dog cool, always pack a few bottles of fresh water and a travel bowl in your car. Better yet, if you have a cooler handy, throw them in there so the water stays colder for longer. Hydration is super important when the temperature spikes!


Cooling Vest Can Help To a Certain Cooling Degree


Similar to the human body Cooling vests have a special layer of material to absorb excess body heat that a dog cannot rid themself of with panting. A vest can help cool a dog from the inside out making it helpful on those exceptionally hot days. While cooling vests can help reduce overheating, they do not eliminate heat entirely. You always need to play on the side of caution when it comes to leaving your dogs in hot cars. Cooling vests should not be a reason for leaving your dogs in the car for any length of time in the middle of summer.

Dog Safety While Driving in Summer Heat


Rolling Down the Windows Doesn’t Mean It OK 


If you think about it, it makes sense. Imagine yourself sitting in the car, stuck in traffic with the windows rolled down, or even just sitting in the parking lot waiting for someone to grab something from the grocery store. It is still gets pretty hot regardless of the windows being fully rolled down. If you think of it this way, it really doesn’t make sense to do the same to your dog, especially when they are more sensitive to heat.


A/C Doesn’t Fix this Hot Topic


There’s the misconception that leaving your dog in the car with the A/C on is sufficient to keep them cool and happy. Even if you were to leave them in there with the A/C at a good level with some water and some good tunes, this is not enough to stop your dog from potentially overheating. People may think they have more time because their dog is ‘chilling in the car with A/C on’. But in reality, if it is so hot you have to leave air conditioning on, the better choice is to leave your four legged family member at home.

Traveling with Dogs in the Summer


When In Doubt, Don’t Do It


In the end, if you’re hot, your dog is hotter. If you find it difficult to sit in the car comfortably when it’s stationary, your dog will feel the same and be even more unsettled. That being said, if you are ever in doubt if it is too hot to leave them unattended in the car, the answer is simple: just don’t. Dogs will be happier with you if you let them relax at home in a nice cool area with lots of space for them to roll around and be dogs.

We hope that you all have a great summer and enjoy the sun and hot weather with your dogs!

Now get out there and enjoy it, already!


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