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DIY Car Hacks to Soup up your Truck for Camping

5 Awesome Truck Hacks that’ll Take Your Camping Trip to the Next Level


As the end of the summer nears, it is time to fit that last camping trip in before it’s too late! So pack your truck up with camping gear and hit the road.

But before you do, take a look at these DIY Truck Hacks that just might make your camping trip that much better.  Not only will they transform your truck into an epic camping vehicle, but they will make you a DIY wizard. Fellow campers will ogle over you and how awesome your truck is.

These hacks require a bit of pre-planning, so make sure you check them out prior to heading out on your camping trip.  Also, some of these truck hacks require a bit of explanation, so we have made it easy for you by adding the YouTube videos here and direct links to sources!

DIY Tent


Who says that you HAVE to set up your tent on the ground? Be rebellious and show up your camping neighbors with this DIY Truck Tent

The What:Transform your truck’s flatbed into your sleeping area!

The How: Take a look at the 8 Step Process from to make your very own flatbed tent!

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 Look how crafty you can get when you throw on your DIY cap (or cowboy hat, for that matter). No more sleeping on the ground for you! Now that’s the right way to camp, folks.

DIY Swimming Pool


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Now this one is absolutely hilarious. It might not always be possible to have access to enough water while camping, but if you can manage to find a hose (and water restrictions aren’t in place), this DIY swimming pool we found on Buzz Feed will keep you cool and refreshed while camping. You’ll be cool in both senses of the word.

The What: Transform your truck’s flatbed into a wicked-cool swimming pool!

The HowYou’ll definitely need a tarp and some hefty clips to keep the tarp in place. Clip tarp in place and fill ‘er up!

Make sure the tarp has NO tears or you’ll end up with a leaky mess on your hands. That’s a DIY ruck hack gone wrong!

DIY Hammock


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You’ve set up camp, you’ve had your first hot dog of the trip and you’ve cracked open your favorite beer — It’s time to relax. But you don’t just want to sit on one of those old lame camping chairs. You really want to relax. So why not try this DIY Camping Hack.

The What:Transform your truck into a sanctuary of relaxation!

The How: The picture from Survival Guide says it all! But you’ll need to find a metal attachment that hooks into your truck hitch and hang the chairs on that.

Now that’s relaxing in style! Camping in luxury right here, everyone…


DIY Awning


August can be one of the hottest months for many states and getting stuck in the sun without shade can leave you burnt and sad. Try this DIY Truck Hack to give yourself a bit of shade while camping

The What:Transform you truck into a DIY awning that’ll keep you cool and happy!

The How: Watch this video to see how to set up an awning on your truck. They suggest getting a large tarp to make sure you have enough room to move around underneath.


These DIYers have attached the tarp to trees which may not always be possible at a campsite. But you can definitely attach them to the top of your tent, or anything else tall enough to attach it to.  If you pre-plan you can find some long spikes to hammer into the ground.

This method, while it may take a bit of elbow grease to put together, will be well worth it when it hits those high points in temperature throughout the day.

DIY Generator


No need to head out and buy a generator for all your electronics and or camping gear that may require a power source in order to run — or if you want to want to have a campsite party with an awesome sound system and of course, a strobe light!

The What:Transform your truck into a juice box that’ll power all your corded electronics and tools.

The How: This DIY project will require some technical savvy, but if you read through the article carefully, you’ll have no problem setting this generation up in your truck

Check out this YouTube video by MrTechvideo for a visual explanation.

If you have any other awesome DIY Car Hacks that you want to share with us and other campers, please comment below!

Thanks for reading everyone.

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