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DIY Car Hacks to Cleaning Your Car

Keep your car clean on the fly with these Car Hacks:

Welcome to the first edition of Shear Comfort’s Weekly DIY Car Hacks! Every week you will learn new tips and tricks to solve regular car problems using common items you can find around your house (or your car!).

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Brighten your Headlights with CREST


The What: Toothpaste doesn’t just clean your teeth! It can get rid of cloudy headlights too.

The How: Use a cleaning rag and a dollop of tooth paste. Scrub headlights thoroughly. You’ll probably think you’ve made it worse if you’re doing it right. Take a clean, dry rag and clean off the toothpaste residue. And there you have it.  Clean, minty headlights!

No joke this works! Apparently whitening toothpaste is most effective.


Schweppes “De-Smelling” Serum

The What: Club Soda can be a life saver when cleaning up after a sick pet in your car. Once the mess has been cleaned, there is still going to a terrible smell. Club Soda will help with this!

The How: Pour club soda directly on the affected area. Use a cloth and dab (don’t rub) until you start seeing that the stain is lifting off the seat. If super messy, repeat a few times.

No one likes to think about this stuff, but it’s inevitable when travelling with pets. Chances are you won’t have a stain remover, let alone pet-stain remover when you’re driving. But club soda might be packed in your cooler. It might be worth sacrificing one of your drinks for a more enjoyable – and less stinky – rest of your journey.

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The Coke Side of Clean


The What: Coca-Cola is an all American product that has been around forever. In most cases, people buy Coke to drink it. But this fizzy drink is also surprisingly effective in cleaning dirt and insects off the windshield of your truck.

The How: In sections, with a damp cloth or your windshield wiper, pour a reasonable amount of Coke onto the dirty windshield. Wipe down until Coke is no longer visible. Avoid allowing the pop to spill down onto the truck’s body in order to avoid any paint damage.

This is a great trick if you’re ever out hunting or camping because you probably

won’t find supplies to clean your bug-covered windshield in the backwoods.

Make-“Schick” Window Cleaner

The What: In case you have no window cleaner or Coca-Cola. Quite literally all you need is a razor.

The How: Scrape off those nasty bugs and dirt with the razor. Bye bye buggies.

If you’re heading on the road for a while, you may have packed a razor in order to keep yourself looking somewhat respectable. But a razor can also be a very effective window-cleaning tool. You should probably clean it before shaving again though.

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Coo-Coo for a Clean Car


The What:An empty cereal box can be a perfect-sized garbage for your travels.

The How: Place box anywhere that is both accessible and secure for you while driving (but away from your dogs!). If you have a plastic bag handy, you can line the box with it so that you can reuse the box when full.

Cheerios not only reduce your cholesterol, they can also reduce the garbage in your car!


Check back next week for more DIY Car Hacks!

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