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NEW Ferrari to Celebrate 70 Years! Revealing New Patent

Is there a new Ferrari being developed in the Ferrari Special Projects lab? A recent patent release reveals a possible brand new Ferrari based off the infamous LaFerrari — but with a few very unique features. Check out the cool new Ferrari concept!


NFL Players’ Cars and the Awesome Rides of Super Bowl MVPs

Have you seen Cam Newton’s custom gold car? Or how about Marcell Dareus’ red velvet ‘Fur-rari’? NFL players’ cars are a lot like their plays on the field — just plain awesome. Check out these amazing rides of Super Bowl MVPs and NFL pros.


The Ferrari 250 GTO: Most Expensive Car in the World Ever Sold at Auction

Here we have the most expensive car in the world currently. The Ferrari 250 GTO price is insane! You’ll never believe how much this classic race car is going for when it next hits the auction block.


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