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The Best Ferrari Cars: 70 Years and Still Kicking Butt

What is the best Ferrari in your opinion? Everyone has their favorite! Ferrari at 70 years of production has designed a multitude of amazing sports cars. Always seeking perfection and pushing the boundaries of automotive innovation, Ferrari cars are undoubtedly at the top of many ‘dream car lists’. Happy 70th Ferrari!


Will Justin Bieber’s Car Collection Get Better With Age?

Expensive cars come with the territory of being a mega popstar and Justin Bieber’s car collection is nothing short of over the top. In some cases, way too over the top. Justin Bieber’s cars might show that he is worth millions, but they don’t necessarily show his great taste or passion for automobiles. He has done some pretty questionable mods to quite a number of his vehicles…


6 of the Most Expensive Rolls Royce Dripping with Luxury

Whether they are infused with gold or encrusted with precious gems, these high-end cars are some of the most expensive Rolls Royce out there. The renowned automaker does luxury like no other and we’re drooling over their custom Rolls Royce cars. After you see them, you will be too!


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