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6 Haunted Car & Phantom Vehicles That Are Hell on Wheels – Literally

BEWARE: These scary stories of haunted cars and phantom vehicles may cause spine-chilling and skin crawling. Turn out the lights, pull up a blanket and get ready for some haunting tales straight from the car crypt.


Funny Car GIF Collection: Funny GIFs About Cars, Driving Fails & More

We’ve compiled a collection of funny car GIFs just for you! If you’re in need of a good laugh and fancy yourself a bit of car humor, check these funny GIFs out!


The Best Ferrari Cars: 70 Years and Still Kicking Butt

What is the best Ferrari in your opinion? Everyone has their favorite! Ferrari at 70 years of production has designed a multitude of amazing sports cars. Always seeking perfection and pushing the boundaries of automotive innovation, Ferrari cars are undoubtedly at the top of many ‘dream car lists’. Happy 70th Ferrari!


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