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New Aston Martin Hypercar: A Norse Force to be Reckoned With

There is a new Aston Martin hypercar and there’s no doubt that it is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the automotive industry. Just look at it! The Valkyrie is a beauty of a car, don’t you think? But we really shouldn’t expect anything less from Aston Martin when it comes to their new additions.


The Ferrari 250 GTO: Most Expensive Car in the World Ever Sold at Auction

Here we have the most expensive car in the world currently. The Ferrari 250 GTO price is insane! You’ll never believe how much this classic race car is going for when it next hits the auction block.


Faraday Future’s FF 91: An Electric Vehicle Worth Waiting For?

The electric vehicle industry is growing and Faraday Future wants a piece of the action. Check out their first model of cars set for production, the FF 91. Will Faraday and their electric vehicles be able to compete with EV top dog, Tesla?


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