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Black Friday 2017 Safe Driving Tips to Help Shoppers: Stay Safe, Stay Calm, and Stay Strong

Are you ready for the madness of Black Friday 2017? These 5 essential safe driving tips will help all you Black Friday shoppers not only stay safe, but sane! Time to get your game face on.


The Rock Cars: The Ones He Can Drive, The Ones He Probably Wishes He Could

When you’re Dwayne Johnson cars like the Ferrari LaFerrari or the Ford GT are well within the budget. But while The Rock has the means to purchase these types of cars — there’s one problem — he can’t actually fit into them. That’s not to say that the Dwayne Johnson Car Collection is lacking by any means. He has that awesome custom F150 after all.


6 Haunted Car & Phantom Vehicles That Are Hell on Wheels – Literally

BEWARE: These scary stories of haunted cars and phantom vehicles may cause spine-chilling and skin crawling. Turn out the lights, pull up a blanket and get ready for some haunting tales straight from the car crypt.


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