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7 Awesome Jeep Facts for All You Awesome Jeep Fans

Your Jeep is far more than just a mode of transportation. It is an extension of your adventurous personality and outgoing nature. There’s just something about your Jeep. You know? Like when you hop into the driver’s seat you feel at ease, but also ready to take on the world. The Jeep has not only


These Parking Fails Are Medal Worthy

These are some of the best (or worst?) parking fails for which the drivers deserve medals for. Just being so terrible at parking. Some of these failed parallel parking or reverse parking attempts are so bad you might think they were deliberate, but they’re not. Ready for a good laugh?


Dear Bad Drivers: Please Stop Doing These 10 Bad Driving Mistakes & Habits

Bad drivers are everywhere. Making driving mistakes left, right and center. Or even worse are the ones with bad driving habits that are completely avoidable. Here are the top 10 of biggest driving pet peeves that will make your blood boil.


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