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Aston Martin DB5: The Iconic 007 Car Gadgets, Specs & Appearances

Who could forget the Aston Martin DB5? Check out the legacy of this James Bond car, its movie appearances, gadgets and original specs. The iconic 007 car should be the next featured vehicle in Bond 25, don’t you think?


Kylie Jenner Has Cars that Live Up to the Kardashian Lifestyle

Kylie Jenner gets cars for her birthday like a kid gets a new toy. Her new ‘toys’ are nothing short of the Kardashian lifestyle: over the top, ridiculously luxurious, and outrageously expensive. Kylie Jenner’s car collection is less about owning nice performance cars or luxury vehicles, but rather getting them just because she can. Perhaps she should stop feeling guilty for not driving her Lamborghini and trade it in for a Prius!


Floyd Mayweather’s Cars Pack a Powerful Punch Just Like ‘Money’ Himself

It should be no surprise that Floyd Mayweather has cars priced well over a million bucks. What may be surprising is just how many he actually owns. ‘Money’ Mayweather’s car collection is considered to be one of the largest out there. But that just comes with the territory of being a superstar boxer and the fact Floyd Mayweather is worth around $350 million helps. He can literally afford anything he wants and his favorite thing to buy is incredibly powerful cars. 


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