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NEW Ferrari to Celebrate 70 Years! Revealing New Patent

Is there a new Ferrari being developed in the Ferrari Special Projects lab? A recent patent release reveals a possible brand new Ferrari based off the infamous LaFerrari — but with a few very unique features. Check out the cool new Ferrari concept!


5 Best Luxury Trucks That’ll Knock You Off Your Feet

These are some of the best luxury trucks out there. Pairing power with pure luxury, these pickup trucks offer the ultimate driving experience. With the likes of Tesla and Mercedes joining the luxe-truck market, the sky is the limit when it comes to luxury!


Our Top 10 Rarest Cars in the World

The stories behind these rare cars are amazing.. From the 1905 Rolls-Royce 15HP to the 2005 Maybach Exelero, each of these 10 of the vehicles have added to autmotive history and are considered some of the rarest cars in the world.


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