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The BTTF DeLorean: Why is the Flying Back to the Future Car an Ill-Fated DeLorean?

We all know and love the flying Back to the Future car. But do you know how and why the DeLorean came to be the iconic movie car? The car wasn’t always as popular as it has become since the first BTTF movie came out in 1985. Get a behind the scenes look at the history of the infamous BTTF DeLorean!


7 Memorable James Bond Cars in 7 Unforgettable Roger Moore Films

While Sir Roger Moore has left us, he has also left us with a great legacy as 007 with some very memorable James Bond cars and films. We look back on his legacy, his seven great James Bond movies, and seven of the cars he drove, including the iconic James Bond submarine car. What’s your James Bond car of choice?

Here’s to you, Roger Moore! 


Will Justin Bieber’s Car Collection Get Better With Age?

Expensive cars come with the territory of being a mega popstar and Justin Bieber’s car collection is nothing short of over the top. In some cases, way too over the top. Justin Bieber’s cars might show that he is worth millions, but they don’t necessarily show his great taste or passion for automobiles. He has done some pretty questionable mods to quite a number of his vehicles…


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