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7 Horror Movies Featuring a Scary Car That’ll Make Your Heart Race – Diabolic Drivers and their Scary Cars in Movies

Do you remember the cult classic, Christine? Or how about the very gruesome, Death Proof? Get into Halloween spirit with these horror movies featuring a scary car and its demonic driver! But beware, some of these scary car movies are not for the faint of heart….


Go Greased Lightning: Grease Cars Driven by John Travolta, The Pink Ladies, and Other Swell Cars in the Movie Grease

We all remember the memorable characters and catchy songs, but for us car enthusiasts, we also love the amazing classic cars in Grease.


The History of the Batmobile: From the Old, Original Batmobile to the “Battier” New Batmobile of “Batfleck”

Let’s take a look back at the amazing history of the Batmobile. Over the years, the iconic car has undergone several redesigns. With every new Batmobile, comes a stockpile of awesome features for Batman to use while protecting the villain-ridden streets of Gotham.


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