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10 Dude-Like Facts About The Big Lebowski Car

The Big Lebowski car is not simply a 1973 Gran Torino, but just like the rug, it is the very essence of ‘The Dude’. Find out all the dude-like details about the famous movie car and be reminded of why so many are still Lebowski fans.


The Limited Edition Star Wars Car: The 2017 Nissan Rogue One

Yes, that’s right! This is the official Rogue One Star Wars car. For all the fans out there, you gotta check this limited edition Nissan Rogue out! Owning one of these Star Wars cars would be out of this world..


Paul Walker’s Cars in the Fast and the Furious Movies

Here are just a few of our favorite Paul Walker cars from the Fast and Furious movies . It was just over three years ago that Paul Walker passes away and in honor of his legacy as Brian O’Connor, we wanted to show our love for him and the Fast and Furious cars.


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