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Jaguar Concept: Future Jaguar Technologies That Could Reinvent The Wheel

The Jaguar concept FUTURE-TYP is a mind blowing, completely autonomous and electric vehicle with what could be the first AI technology to not just drive your car, but help you in your daily life. Find out what Jaguar technologies are in store for the future and how this concept car could be a game changer.


Conor McGregor’s Cars Are Nothing Short of ‘Notorious’

As a car buff, Conor McGreogr has cars like a completely custom Rolls Royce and a very gorgeous Bentley. Just to name a few that you might see him spotted in. He isn’t just known for being a champion in the ring, but he is notorious for driving around in some pretty awesome whips. Are you ready for The Money Fight?


New Tesla Model 3 is Coming: Are You on the Tesla Waiting List Yet?

With the first Tesla Model 3 finally out of production, those on the Tesla waitling list may still have a long way to go before they get their new Model 3. Since the total number of new Tesla model reservations has not been confirmed by the automaker or Elon Musk, it is uncertain at just how long it will realky take. But when you finally do get yours, will this be your Tesla Model 3 face? Click to find out!


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