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5 DIY Car Hacks that Every Dog Owner Should Know

This week’s DIY Car Hacks is devoted to all those dog owners out there who absolutely love their furry friend – but who also really love a clean car once and a while. Squeegee Clean   Not only can a squeegee be used to clean your car windows of dog slobber, but it is also


5 Awesome Car Detailing Products you’ll Likely Find in your Bathroom

These DIY Car Hacks will give your Truck a Good Detailing – Using Items that you’ll find in your Bathroom   You just got back from your summer camping trip and your truck looks like it has gone to hell and back. The usual hose-down won’t do the trick this time. Rather than forking out


5 Cheap Ways to Make Your Old Truck Modern (and Awesome)

Last Updated on Feb. 24, 2017 Turn your old Truck into a modern machine with these DIY Car Hacks.   These might not be as good as getting a brand new 2017 Dodge Ram or a Ford F150 Limited luxury truck but it is definitely cheaper. Need a Clip Fix? So you have an old Ford


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