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DIY Car Hacks to Soup up your Truck for Camping

5 Awesome Truck Hacks that’ll Take Your Camping Trip to the Next Level   As the end of the summer nears, it is time to fit that last camping trip in before it’s too late! So pack your truck up with camping gear and hit the road. But before you do, take a look at


5 DIY Car Hacks to Keep You Cool This Summer

Stay Cool without AC while driving this Summer   This summer has been a scorcher! For all you lucky drivers who have that oh-so-nice air conditioning, your car is a cooling oasis. But for those who have an older truck or car without A/C, your vehicle literally becomes a hot, uninhabitable desert. Even with the


5 DIY Car Hacks that Every Dog Owner Should Know

This week’s DIY Car Hacks is devoted to all those dog owners out there who absolutely love their furry friend – but who also really love a clean car once and a while. Squeegee Clean   Not only can a squeegee be used to clean your car windows of dog slobber, but it is also


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