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5 Essential Items to Have in a Car Emergency Kit

Emergencies and accidents happen and when they do, you want to be ready. An emergency kit can be a life safer when these kinds of situations occur. To get your own DIY kit started, these items will help you be a little more prepared if anything should happen while d


5 DIY Car Hacks that You Should Use Every Day

It’s the small things in life that matter, really. And these 5 DIY Hacks embody this way of thinking. These hacks will give you that moment of satisfaction — where you’ll say to yourself, “I’m winning”.   X Marks the Parking Spot   It’s after work, you are in a rush to grab something from


5 Weird (But Awesome) DIY Car Hacks You MUST Try

These Funny Car Hacks Just Might Make your Day!   This week’s batch of DIY Car Hacks is not your usual fixer upper tips and tricks. But rather, a small collection of funny and unusual car hacks that you may have never thought of using before. Keep your Chin Up   How many times have


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