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Car News Catch-Up – June 22 2015

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Chris Evans – Top Guy for Top Gear

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

What an announcement! For all the viewers and fans of Top Gear, Chris Evans has been confirmed as the new presenter. Evans will be replacing Jeremy Clarkson, whose time with Top Gear ended this year after a fracas with the producer.

During an interview on June 17with BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show, Evans tells the story of how this came to be. The kicker is that he actually took himself out of the running because the other contenders were good friends of his. But when he was told that they were out of the running and he was the man for the job, he accepted the offer. When announced through BBC’s Twitter feed, Evans jokingly admitted that when he hit the Tweet button, he “waited for his phones to melt”, and that’s exactly what happened.

Now that Chris Evans is the official presenter, there is even talk of a new co-host, and Evans has hinted that it could be a female. Auditions start soon!

Ford’s Own Halo Mission

Ford has teamed up with Galpin Auto Sports again to create the awesome Halo 5 Ford F-150. This F150 Sandstar is fully equipped to head out on any future Space Command mission. Ford and Galpin not only decked out the truck with the Addictive Desert Design, but also reports that it’s been souped up with a Baja XTR off-road conversion kit, 17-inch wheels, and to give it the Halo look – a green body wrap.

Apparently this truck is so awesome that the United Nations Space Command has given it code name “M552”. Nice work guys.

Life-Size Remote-Controlled Land Rover

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

On June 16, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) announced that they have developed a prototype Land Rover that will be controlled by an app on your smartphone. While it is unclear whether this feature will actually come to be a feature on the next Land Rover, JLR has a hat in the ring for autonomous cars. This app would be a great way to separate them from some of the other self-driving car contenders like Google.

Not only will the car drive itself, but you can literally program your vehicle to pick you up at your front door. Luckily JLR has taken into account that people may have difficulty controlling their car via smartphone. Therefore JLR created a feature that forces the car to stop if it gets too close to the operator (so you can’t run yourself over!). Hopefully this feature will prevent everyone else from getting run over too.


Samsung Strives for Safety

‘Safety Truck’, a new technological development from Samsung, strives to increase road safety for truck drivers. ‘Safety’ is exactly what this technology is going to do for drivers when trucks overtake smaller vehicles, especially on one-way streets.

The technology behind ‘Safety Truck’ is actually very simple. The feature requires wireless video feeds and large display screens so that drivers will be able to see what’s actually happening behind them when they are trying to pass the driver in front of them. A nice feature that will be included is Night Mode so that no matter what time a day you’re driving, you’ll be able to safely pass any vehicle.

Toyota’s Very Own Total Recall

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Just when you thought the recalls for Takata airbags were over, Toyota announced on June 16th that there will be an expansion to the recall. This means that the total dollar amount for the Takata inflator recall will be just shy of $3 million.

From what Chris Bruce has written on, the total numbers of units that Takata and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recalled will be around 2,915,000. Yikes!

The reason for the recall is the risk of the inflators rupturing when deployed, causing harm to passengers in the affected vehicles. If you’re not sure if your Toyota is affected by the recall, you should try calling your dealership or contacting Toyota directly. For a quick reference, mentions them as well.

Don’t forget to check back every Monday for a quick update on what’s happening in the automotive industry! Happy Monday everyone.

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