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Best Car Accessories to Keep in Your Car in The Winter

Best Car Accessories What to Keep in Your Car In the Winter

Brrr! The cold season is in full gear now and temperatures are dropping — unlike my dress size this holiday season… 

Regardless, as the weather turns cold and the snow starts to fall, driving can be a terrible, freezing nightmare — especially when you own an older vehicle that doesn’t have those fancy heated seats and takes what seems like forever to start blowing warm air. Beyond the need for preparing for the cold temperatures while driving, it is important to also prep your vehicles with the car accessories that’ll make driving easier (and safer).

Here is a list of some of the best car accessories and what to keep in your car in the winter.


Best Car Accessories Need In Your Car When Winter Is Approaching


Winter Car Accessories That’ll Keep You Warm


Driving Gloves


Nothing worse than wrapping your hands around an ice cold steering wheel. Makes me feel cold just thinking about it. An easy fix for this is having a pair of winter driving gloves in your glove box.

It is important to get a good pair of fitted driving gloves though to make sure you can still grip the wheel properly. Ideal Hacks ranks the top winter driving gloves and says Bionic Driving Gloves are the best leather driving gloves out there currently. Their article reviews 10 of the top winter driving gloves to buy, so there’s a handful out there you can choose from.

Warm driving gloves can be a bit pricey, but they are definitely worth the investment during the winter months when you can barely hold the wheel when you first get into the car.


Sheepskin Steering Wheel Cover and Custom Seat Covers


To avoid having to grab a cold wheel at all, a Sheepskin steering wheel cover can be extremely beneficial. Not only is it cost-effective, but this car accessory also adds a bit of style to your automobile’s interior too.

ShearComfort Seat Covers sells these online all year round, so you can plan ahead and pop one of these furry steering wheel covers on before it gets too cold. Even more effective to take the edge off that cold air when you first initially get into your car: Sheepskin seat covers.

The natural fiber actually buffers you from extreme temperatures and will keep you warmer while you’re driving. Both of these are great car interior accessories for when winter is approaching. 

The Steering Wheel Cover and Sheepskin Seat Covers come in a variety of colors too, so you can customize your car and be warm!


USB Plug-In Or Battery Powered Heated Blanket


Heated Blanket to Keep in Your Car

Image: Amazon

If you have a newer car with a USB plug, then you need to buy one of these cool car accessories. To be fair, this car gadget is actually the opposite of cool, but very very warm. A USB powered heated blanket will take the edge off while driving and keep you cozy and warm. If you travel with other passengers who are always colder than you are, this can also mean you don’t need to have the heat cranked up for them. Amazon has a decently priced and reasonably rated USB powered blanket. This could also be a great gift idea for someone who is always cold!

Not all cars have a USB plug-in, but there’s still hope yet to keep you warm this winter. There are battery-powered portable blankets, like the AAA All-Purpose Travel Blanket found on Amazon that you can lay on your lap or drape over yourself like a shawl because your car just can’t get warm fast enough. Keep this car accessory in your car in the winter and never be cold again!


Hand Warmers


Grabber Hand Warmers Car Accessory

Image: Walmart

Another one to have on the in-car accessories list is hand warmers. These are super easy to find and great  to have a stockpile of in your car for you and your passengers. Walmart sells Grabber Hand Warmers for a very affordable price. You can slide these into those lovely new winter driving gloves you have for added warmth. Be sure to grab from Grabbers the next time you’re at Walmart!

Moving on from the best car accessories to keep in your car that’ll keep you warm. Let’s now look at a few essential snow accessories for cars you should always have on hand during the winter months.


Best Car Accessories to Deal To Be Prepared for The Weather


Windshield De-Icer


De-Icer Solution To Keep in Your Car During the Winter

Image: Walmart

Now, this essential car product will make those ice cold mornings where you wonder why you’ve left the house a little bit more tolerable.

Using a windshield de-icer (another cheap buy at Walmart) will make things go a heck of a lot quicker when you’re scraping your windshield of all the snow and ice.

This product is solely meant for your windshield and windshield wipers so don’t use these types of winter car accessories on your frozen lock or anything else.



Ice-Scraper and Snow Brush Duo


Winter Ice Scraper and Snow Brush Car Accessory List

Image: Amazon

The de-icing solution won’t do it all and so you should always keep a good ice scraper and snow brush in your car in the winter.

A good option is the True Temper 36-Inch Scratch-Free Snow Brush as seen on Amazon. What’s nice about this one is that it is both an ice-scraper and brush all-in-one, plus it can be easily stored in your trunk.

Even if you leave your car to run into the store for a quick shop or stop to grab a bite to eat, if that snow is coming down hard, this car accessory will come in handy.


Heated Wiper Blades


Everblades Heated Wiper Blades for Your Car in the Winter

Image: Everblades

When that snow is falling down hard and starts to stick, creating an icy layer on your windshield, driving can become quite stressful and at times, scary. Heated wiper blades is a great car exterior accessory that will significantly reduce this — and your stress levels — while on the road. Everblades is a very well known and reputable brand of heater wiper blades that have a heated squeegee and frame to help with visibility during the winter season.


Winter Emergency Kit


Car Emergency Kit to Keep in Your Car

Image; Pixabay

I could write a whole list on the things that you should include in a car emergency kit, but instead I’ll quickly run through a few essentials to include in this very important car accessory.

Include a flashlight with extra batteries, portable phone charger with power pack, jumper cables, first aid kit, extra blanket and clothing, granola bars and chocolate bars, bottled water, and roadmaps. There are lots of other useful winter car accessories that you can include in your emergency kit. ItsTactical has a complete list worth checking out.


Proper Snow Shovel for Your Car


Winter Car Accessory Snow Shovel

Image: Amazon

An essential item on this car accessories list is a really good snow shovel that you can keep in your car all winter long.

You won’t want to have to haul your household shovel back and forth every time you need to use it and half the time you won’t be at home when you actually need it. Hopkins Subzero Auto Emergency Snow Shovel is a solid shovel choice for drivers.

The emergency shovel is very compact, but can also be extended for a better reach to get all that snow out from under your car.

I wouldn’t want to get caught in a snow storm without one of these!


BONUS WInter Car Accessory: Pine Tree Scented Car AIr Freshener


LIttle Tree Royal Pine Air Freshner for Your Car

Image: Walmart

This one is less about being prepared and more about bringing a little holiday spirit on the road with you. Little Tree has a massive selection of every type of smell you could ever imagine (no joke), one of which is the Royal Pine.

If you’re headed to Walmart though, you can pick up a six pack of this pine tree car air fresheners.

Well there you have it!

When you know winter is approaching, it is important to prep your car with the best car accessories before it is too late and you’re stuck somewhere in the stuck with no supplies. Plan ahead, if possible and use this winter car accessory list to know what to keep in your car in the winter.

Happy Holidays and safe driving, everyone!


Feature Image: “Car stuck in snow” by Christian Guthier on Flickr licensed under CC BY 2.0

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