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Dear Bad Drivers: Please Stop Doing These 10 Bad Driving Mistakes & Habits

Bad Driver Bad Driving Habits and Mistakes

Nothing is worse than being on your way to work, stuck in traffic when a bad driver makes a driving mistake that could have clearly been avoided. Or maybe they have just become bad driving habits. These types of mistakes get under your skin, they irk you or they just flat out piss you off because it was no mistake at all. Whatever the case, bad drivers are out there and these are the top 10 bad driving habits that good drivers have to deal with.

Take a deep breath and read ahead.


1) The Weaver


Starting off with a bad driving habit that is likely on many driving pet peeves lists, we have the weaver.

Traffic is bad enough, but then you have this entitled driver who takes it upon themselves to start weaving through traffic to gain them… what? About three or four car lengths most likely. Not only does this driving habit seriously rub people the wrong way, but it slows traffic down even more and could cause another accident. But this is no driving mistake, the ‘entitled’ know what they’re doing.


2) The Slow Poke


Bad Driving Habits - Driving As Slow As a Tortoise

Alright, so we all know the story about the tortoise and the hare, right? Well it 100% does not apply to driving. Slow and steady might of won the race for the tortoise, but on the road, it just makes you a bad driver who aggravates fellow commuters. So it is time to step on that gas pedal and get moving!

Not saying to be the hasty hare and speed like a maniac either. But you should definitely be driving the speed limit unless the weather conditions are terrible or traffic disallows it.


3) The Faker


The turn signal is on and you’re waiting for the driver in front of you to change lanes or make the next turn. Oh wait, just kidding! They don’t end up turning and you’ve now experienced what is an easily avoidable bad driving habit. Yet, it seems to happen more often than you’d like.


4) The Uncertain Merger


Drivingt Pet Peeve Bad Merger

There are many who think that slowing down or stopping, even when there’s no traffic, in a merge lane is correct. This is wrong. Some bad drivers out there just don’t know how to merge and are very uncertain when trying to do so.

Merging seems to be one of the common driving mistakes. This is something that bad drivers need to learn ASAP.


5) The Perpetual Blinker


How does one not notice that their blinker has been on for an extended period of time?

A seemingly minor issue, but a major pet peeve when you’re on the road. At first, you think they might be actually turning or changing lanes, only to realize they have no clue their signal is blinking.


6) The Texter


Bad Driver Texting While Driving

This is not allowed, yet we still see people on the road ‘secretly’ reaching for their phones to quickly text someone or check their Insta feed. That split second glance down at their phone could lead to a devastating accident.

This is the ultimate bad driver move.  If drivers are so tempted to check their Facebook notifications while driving, they should probably lock their phone in their trunk. Out of sight, out of mind.

Distracted driving is entirely preventable if everyone just put their phones away and kept their eyes on the road.


7) The Budger


This bad driving habit is both infuriating and just downright wrong. Traffic is bad and everyone is lined up merging onto the highway. All of a sudden, a car zooms by in the shoulder lane, budging in front of everyone else. This is not a driving mistake nor the driver not learning how to drive properly, this is just pure egoism. Behavior like this is what results in road rage, that’s for sure.


8) The Honker


Bad Driving Habit Yelling and Honking

The horn should be used but never abused. Yes, there are some instances where it is required, like stopping a collision from happening or waking someone up who is not paying attention. However, there are drivers out there that get into the habit of constantly blaring their horn when it isn’t actually necessary.

It is kind of like yelling when everyone else is talking calmly. No one takes them seriously and they are just making fools out of themselves.


9) The Tailgater


A classic bad driving habit. Drivers that just don’t give you enough space and ride your tail way too close. This is especially annoying going up a hill and like most common driving mistakes, not safe either. Bad drivers make the road an unsafe place in so many ways, don’t they.

It is not surprising that automotive companies are developing self-driving cars to reduce human error and mistakes while driving.


10) The Daydreamer


Bad Driver Not Driving When Light is Green

Last, but certainly not least on this list of driving pet peeves, there is the daydreamer.

This is the bad driver who isn’t paying attention when the light turns green. Green means go. Pretty sure we learn this as children, even before learning to drive. While sitting at a light might seem like a ‘little break’ to some. It isn’t.

Pondering life, what you’re going to eat for dinner or what movie you’re going to watch tonight, while very important to some, need not take your focus away from the task at hand. There’s no place for being aloof on the road.

If people could learn to drive properly or break their bad driving habits, the road would be a better place. Bad drivers ruin it for everyone, don’t they?

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