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Be Kind to Animals

Not only does April showers bring May flowers, but it brings puppies and kittens! Wait… what? May is the Be Kind to Animals Month. Everything you do helps – adopt a pet, make a donation, report animal cruelty, or simply spend time with your little critters.

This is Abby (formerly known as Oreo) who was rescued by the BC SPCA. Photo courtesy of the BC SPCA

We have set out to do what we can to help by partnering with our local SPCA, The British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. We will be donating $1 for every online order in 2014 to support their great work helping so many animals in our area.

Oreo is a little black pup found on a highway, rescued, and brought with her siblings to the Port Coquitlam adoption center. With her “magnetic personality”, she was adopted by a local family looking for a new four legged family member – see Oreo’s Story for an update from the family. She is a happy pup and a fantastic addition to their family.

In the month of April, we raised $1,154 for the BC SPCA with the help of our customers. For dogs like Oreo, this provides 52 days of full care in a great shelter while waiting to be adopted by a new guardian. That includes shelter, food, vaccinations, ID tattoo, medical checks, adoption matching, and spaying/neutering. We’re very proud to help with that – and to support everything else the SPCA does: emergency response, wildlife rescue, and even transporting pets to locations where they have a better chance to meet their new family faster!

Adopt – Don’t Buy!

There is a high demand for dog adoption. But rescuing a dog requires a special person. SPCA wants to make sure that every pet goes to a suitable home – one where they will be happy and don’t risk the chance of returning to a shelter. They have a great application program that filters through applicants to find the right match! And their database of dogs and cats up for adoption helps with descriptions of the animal’s history (if known), personality, needs, and of course pictures! Even if you are not looking to adopt quite yet, check our their database anyways just to look at the cute pet photos. But what can you do to help? There are definitely some great options.

Save a dog’s life with a click of a button. Save a cat’s life with a tap on your screen!

Ruby was saved by the SPCA’s Medical Emergency program. Photo courtesy of the BC SPCA.

Ruby was saved by the SPCA’s Medical Emergency program. Photo courtesy of the BC SPCA.

It’s just that easy with BC SPCA Medical Emergency program. You can save the life of an animal in dire need of medical attention. Whether they were hurt by accident or an act of cruelty, BC SPCA will make it right with the help of your online donation.

Reading through the stories of each injured animal really puts things into perspective. When it comes to rescuing an animal, it’s not just about adopting a dog or cat. Offering support to save a life is also a selfless deed.


Thanks to this wonderful program, the public is now aware of specific cases of animals in need. With it, SPCA has has managed to save them. One success story is of Bryn, a gentle and loving female pit bull cross that was a victim of what appears to be blunt force trauma. As a result of the Medical Emergency fund and the community’s support, this little girl is now walking and on her way to being healed. Yay Bryn! Or read the story of Maximus, a dog that has been injured and needs severe medical attention. Or these other emergency stories.

Wildlife Rescue

Not everyone can afford donating. But that is not the only way you can help. Did you know that by simply having a good knowledge base of wildlife around your community, you can save lives of animals too?

There are many unnecessary rescues when it comes to wildlife, specifically birds. The season of baby birds is upon us in Vancouver. But not everyone knows this, let alone how to take care of an injured baby bird. Or -more importantly – how to recognize when it actually doesn’t need rescuing.

“It’s Wild Baby Bird Season” is an important resource by the BC SPCA to raise awareness about handling baby birds in order to preserve their livelihood. Wanna get educated? Check out their informative article on Baby Bird Season.

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    I think this is a fantastic post!
    I really like Oreo.
    Keep up the good work!

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    What an awesome post! I enjoyed reading the article and was happy to find out that Oreo was adopted 🙂 Thanks Shearcomfort.com for helping our animal friends!

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