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Amazing McLaren P1 Specs: McLaren P1 Engine, It’s Crazy Top Speed and Incredible Horsepower [with McLaren P1 Pics]

Since its debut in 2012 at the Paris Motor Show, the McLaren P1 has continued to live up to the standard that was set by its predecessors, the F1. The P1 does not necessarily eclipse the greatness of the iconic F1, but it has certainly become legendary in its own right. Utilizing hybrid technology, while still having hypercar capabilities, the McLaren P1 model includes an incredible amount of horsepower and an impressive top speed.

We love the McLaren P1 and to show off our love for this amazing supercar, we’ve assembled what we think to be a pretty awesome list of McLaren P1 pics and interesting facts about the sports car, including some of the McLaren P1 specs, for you all.

Enjoy and don’t forget to tell us your favorites!


Bright Yellow P1


The plug-in hybrid sports car is out of production as of 2015 and with only 375 cars ever manufactured, it is a rarity within the automotive industry. Its rarity has made this hypercar all the more appealing, especially among American buyers, who account for 34% of all P1 purchases when it first hit the market.


Custom Blue McLaren P1


Each McLaren hybrid P1 is equipped with an eco-friendly engine. The McLaren P1 engine is built of the same engine of the 12C sports car, but it has been modified by 90%. The 3.8L V8 twin turbocharged engine boasts a top speed of 217mph beating the Porsche 218 Spyder’s max recorded speed.


Fierce Red McLaren P1


Not only is the top speed very impressive, but the P1 has 903 hp and its 0-62 time is incredible; hitting 0-62 mph is only 2.8 seconds.


Black and White McLaren P1


With great power comes a hefty price tag. But just how much does the McLaren P1 cost? Each unit originally sold for $1.15 million.


Bold and Beautiful P1


Just like the F1, the P1 has a carbon fibre monocoque and roof. The amazing McLaren P1 supercar also is equipped with a MonoCage carbon fibre chassis. This chassis is five times the strength of titanium.


Eye-Popping Custom Paint Job


The hypercar has an innovative feature that recycles energy. McLaren engineers call it the Instant Power Assist System (IPAS). This system is able to catch and reuse kinetic energy when braking. This energy is then transformed into electric energy adding boosts of power to the supercar hybrid engine. 


A Chameleon P1


We just had to give you the scoop on this unique McLaren P1 supercar. This specific hypercar is extremely unique. While color changing car paint isn’t new, McLaren has developed new tech that is unlike any current paramagnetic paint out there. The McLaren P1 MK Edition, a name given to the car by its owner in Southern California, is already on the road and wow, is it beautiful!


In case you want more P1 Pics!


A Handful More Awesome Custom McLaren P1 Pics for You








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