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6 Reasons Why Google Trusted Stores Are Making Online Shopping Better for Customers

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The vast majority of Americans are online shoppers. For many, it is easier and more convenient to shop online than going into a retail store. In an article recently published by Fortune, “consumers are now buying more things online than in stores”. In fact as of 2016, 51% of consumers are making purchasing most products and services online.

Even though the online marketplace has become a main resource for purchasing goods; there can still be a tiny bit of doubt in customers’ minds when hitting the “Submit Order” or “Buy Now” button.

The Google Trusted Stores program removes any doubts or uncertainties that customers might have when purchasing products or services online and instills confidence that the merchant will provide a quality product and excellent customer service.

So how exactly does the program work?

As an approved Google Trusted Store, Shear Comfort has learned the inner workings of the application process.. We want to share our experience with online shoppers and show the benefits that the Google Trusted program offers.

The Google badge is a sign of trust and when you see it, you will know the distinction that it establishes and the quality of service that you can expect from the merchant.

Here’s why Google Trusted Stores are making online shopping better for online shoppers:


#6 – Shows the Merchant’s Dedication to Excellent Customer Service


Google trusted badge full form-min

The Google badge you see on a trusted store website isn’t handed out to all online merchants that apply for it. Merchants must first demonstrate their dedication to following a high level of customer service.

An interested company starts by applying for the program. They subsequently go through an in-depth process where Google’s team will monitor all customer service dealings of the company from start to finish. The team will evaluate the quality of customer service and ask shoppers to take polls about their overall satisfaction. From our experience, this process can take approximately three months. We received an overall score of 4.9 out of 5.

The merchant’s preexisting customer service standards must rank high enough and live up to Google standards in order to be approved and given the official Google Trusted Store badge.


#5 – Better Customer Service Right from the Start


In many instances, customers may have inquiries prior to ordering online. Customers naturally tend to prioritize companies that can answer their questions both effectively and in a timely manner.

This brings us to the second reason as to why Google Trusted Stores are making online shopping better for customers. The program not only ensures customer satisfaction once they receive their product but it also ensures optimal customer satisfaction from the point of first contact with the merchant.

If customers call in or email to ask questions about products, Google stores answer accurately, professionally and in a timely manner.

A Google Trusted Store always prioritize its customers, which starts from the initial point of contact.


#4 – Better Shipping Times


While it only takes a click of our mouse or a tap on the screen of your smartphone to order online, you can expect a bit of lead time before you receive your product. While this can be anticipated, there is only so much time a customer should have to wait for their item to ship and be received.

With Google’s customer oriented program, merchants fulfill and ship orders within a respectable amount of time. This set amount of time does vary depending on the product and whether it is in stock and ready to ship or is custom made and has to be manufactured.

#3 – Faster Response if Customer Service Concerns Arise


Fast response for customer service-min-min

If you ever have any concerns with the product you receive, don’t fret! Google trusted stores provide additional coverage that helps you deal with customer service issues with ease. If you see the badge, the merchant is going resolve all customer service concerns in a fast and efficient manner.

When customers email their concerns to a merchant, all issues will be responded to within one business day. Beyond that, the merchant will try and resolve any issues within this time period as well. If this is not possible, the maximum amount of time  a customer will have a pending claim is four business days.

All in all, if you have any issues with the product you receive from any trusted store, you can be assured that the merchant will be there to help you.


#2 – Your Purchase is Insured by Google


CC Wiki

CC Wiki

When you opt-in for the customer service protection program, your purchase is insured up to $1000. If a website is a Google Trusted Store you will be prompted for the protection program once the order is placed,

It is important to note that you need to opt-in at the time of purchase. This can not be done after the fact.

In the first few weeks that we officially became a trusted store, many of our customers instantly started to opt-in for the program when they placed an order with us. As the Google badge is becoming more important to online shoppers; the numbers of customers who opt-in is growing for us as well.


#1 – Better yet, It’s Absolutely 100% Free for Customers (And Merchants)


Trusted Store Badge Check Mark-min

Now you are probably wondering: what’s the catch? How much does it cost and why are so many online based businesses applying for it?

First and foremost; it is free for both customers and merchants. So really, why not?

Secondly, it takes all that second guessing out of the equation when customers make an online purchase. The badge is an emblem for a reputable merchant and the quality product they sell.

Thirdly, it is just nice knowing that these online stores you are purchasing from can be trusted and are certified by one of the most reputable companies in the world.– and that is a Google guarantee.

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