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5 Essential Items to Have in a Car Emergency Kit

These 5 items will help you to be prepared on the road if something happens. This DIY Car Emergency Kit is a great starting point and will get you out of a sticky situation while driving.

Although this kit won’t prepare you for a zombie apocalypse, it should work for just about any other emergency situation.


Stay Connected


Keeping a phone charged up in your emergency kit will keep you connected.

The What: Pack an old cell phone. You probably have at least 4 stashed away.

The How: Most of us have an old phone at home in case we lose or break our primary one. Instead of leaving the old phone useless until day you actually need it, charge it up and throw it in your DIY Car Emergency kit. If you decide not to do a pre-paid plan, even though it is not connected to a network with a SIM, it will still call 9-1-1.

Don’t Get Hangry, Plan Ahead


Throw in some non-perishable food items to keep you and little kiddos satiated.

The What: Select some of your favorite non-perishable snacks into a Ziploc.

The How: Not sure what is considered non-perishable? Here is a list of the top (and best) food items to store in an emergency kit!

Plus, this food stash will be great for when you are stuck in traffic and start getting agitated. Getting hangry while driving can lead to road rage.

Boo Boo Supplies




You don’t need to go out and buy a small first aid kit, all you need to do is raid you medicine cabinet and have a Ziploc bag.

The What: We all kind of know what’s in a first aid kit. Load up a bag with all the essentials.

The How: If you have all of the supplies at home, you might as well save some money and not buy a First Aid Kit. A few things that you should definitely throw in there are bandages, some form of antiseptic, Polysporin, tensor bandage, gauze tweezers and small scissors.

Ziploc it up and you’re set!

Shed Light on the Situation


There are times when you are going to need to check your engine and you might just need to check it at night. The last thing you want to do is use your phone and somehow drop it into any of the mechanics of your car or truck. Avoid this altogether by packing a proper flashlight.

The What: Pack a flashlight, the smaller the better, really.

The How: This little flashlight will be a life saver when you are stuck road side at night and need to check your engine for possible issues.

Not to mention if you drop your phone underneath the seat and can’t see it, you’re not going to be able to use it as anything, let alone a flashlight.

Make sure to pack a few extra batteries or even an LED flashlight – they last forever.

Yo that to H2O


When stranded road side for hours – or even just stuck in traffic – water is a must for you, your kids, and your pup (if you have them). Stay hydrated!!

The What: Pack a few bottles of water in your emergency kit.

The How: A good idea is to have 1-2 bottles per person/family member (including pets!). Make sure they are unopened and properly sealed.

These 5 Items are just the essentials when it comes to emergency kits, but they’ll at least ensure that you have the necessities if anything were to happen while on the road.

When you have gathered all the supplies you think you need for your DIY Car Emergency Kit, you can throw them into an old back pack or even a purse that you don’t use anymore.

There you go! Prepared for almost anything!

Thanks for reading.

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