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5 Dog Car Accessories to Keep Your Pet Safe, Comfortable, and Happy!

A total of 70 to 80 million dogs are currently owned in approximately 43 million households in the U.S. alone. Of those households and those surveyed, a total of 56% of the respondents have driven at least once with their dog. That’s a lot of furbabies out there on our roads and it’s important that we keep each one comfortable and safe as we travel. Thankful, there are many affordable dog travel accessories that can help traveling with our dogs better.

We are not only dog owners and lovers; Shear Comfort also looks out for the wellbeing of all animals in our city. As a proud corporate sponsor of the BC SPCA, we’ve put together a quick list of 5 dog car accessories that keep your pet safe, comfortable and happy while travelling, and we wish each pet-parent and their family a safe ride wherever you may be going.

1. Dog Seat Belt and Safety Restraint


Have a seatbelt on your furry friend will keep him safe so he can enjoy the ride!

It is super important for your dog to be safe while on the road. When making sudden stops or sharp turns, your furry passenger is likely not ready to balance or hold themselves up to avoid falling down or off the back seat. A dog seat belt or harness is a great automotive accessory that’s easy to find and easy to use, no matter what size of breed your pet may be.

There are tons of options when shopping for a dog car harness. It is tough to know which one is the correct one for your dog. You may need to try a few different ones before you find the right car restraint for your dog. It is also important to know that even with good intentions, not all dog restraints are proven to be 100% effective. A study by the Subaru and the Center for Pet Safety found that many seatbelts were tested and only one dog harness came out with flying colors on all ends. It is the Sleepypod Clickit Utility.


2. Cargo Liner or Mat


If your dog is used to travelling in the back cargo area of your SUV enclosed truck, you might want to think about purchasing a cargo mat or liner to add a bit of comfort. These SUV cargo liners for dogs also reduce the amount of pet hair on your vehicle’s carpeting and if any messes or mishaps happen — which they will at least once — they will keep the messes from damaging your interior. Liners may also make it easier for your dogs to lie down and avoid falling while you’re driving.

There are few options that you can choose from. You can purchase INNX Waterproof Liners via Amazon for convenience. But if you’d like to go to a brick and mortar store; your local pet store, PetSmart, or Petco, is a great place to find a few options. One popular option among pet-parents is the Majestic Pet Products Cargo Liner which you can check out on the manufacturer’s website before heading to the store.

With a comfort place to lie down, your pup might even be able to sleep!


3. Custom Car Seat Covers for Dogs

Cordura Seat Covers for Dogs

Two of our shop dogs!

If your family travels with Fido in the backseat, dog car seat covers might be the way to go. Back seat covers are an ideal solution for both you and your pet. Durable front and rear seat covers help to avoid any damage to your car’s interior, including the absorption of odors, liquids, and stains into the upholstery. Some pet odors and stains are tougher than others to remove. To avoid the issue entirely, invest in a high-quality, waterproof Cordura seat covers.


4. Dog Travel Bowls


Another important thing to have handy when travelling with your dog is accessible water. You may have to make a few extra pit stops along the way, but this way they’ll stay hydrated and happy!

One great item that has been out there for quite some time now is the Road Refresher. This no-spill, slobber-reducing dog travel water bowl is made with road tripping and traveling pets in mind.

A hydrate dog is a happy dog!


5. Dog Travel Kit


Being prepared will keep you and your dog smiling!

A dog travel kit stocked up with emergency supplies for your dog, like extra food or water, just in case you ever get stranded somewhere or stuck in traffic, is always a good thing to have while travelling with your pet. Other things to include in this dog emergency kit: doggy bags, a few toys, favorite treats, and a blanket, in case you get stuck without heat for a little while. It is always better to be prepared for any situation when you’ve got a pet relying on you.

As the winter season sets in, incidents may occur due to ice, snow, and other extreme weather conditions. By being prepared, you will keep your dog safe and happy!

Do you travel with your pet? Tell us your story!

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