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5 DIY Car Hacks that You Should Use Every Day

It’s the small things in life that matter, really. And these 5 DIY Hacks embody this way of thinking.

These hacks will give you that moment of satisfaction — where you’ll say to yourself, “I’m winning”.


X Marks the Parking Spot


Meme Generator

Meme Generator

It’s after work, you are in a rush to grab something from the store or mall and you quickly park in the underground lot. You run in and out of the store as fast as possible just to realize that you have no idea where you actually parked.

Now it takes what feels like hours to find your parking spot.

To avoid this problem next time, try this car hack instead!

The What: Use your phone as a GPS to locate your car.

The How: All you have to do is download one of these three apps: iFind My Car, iPark, or iParked. The options are endless really.

Each app listed above will record and guide you to your car. This will save you tons of time and frustration!

Plus following the GPS on your phone app is way more fun. Kind of like a treasure hunt!

Pointing you in the Right – Or Left — Direction


Driving a new car? Or did you borrow a family member or friend’s truck for the day? Unless you planned ahead and checked, you probably won’t know which side the gas tank is on.

Here’s a great DIY Car Hack that’ll solve this common oversight:

The What: Check your fuel gauge for an arrow.

The How: How convenient! There is a handy arrow on the fuel gauge that points to the side that your gas tank is on!

This is definitely better than having to figure it out at the pump. You don’t want to be one of those people. Now you can pull up to the gas station like a pro!

It’s a Sign


Highway driving can be stressful enough, especially when you’re dealing with 8 lanes of traffic like in LA!

Not to mention, when you are travelling through different cities that are unfamiliar, you’re not going to know exactly where you are going. While a GPS is super handy in these situations, not everyone has one. And let’s face it; they are not always as helpful as you’d like them to be.

So rather than freaking out when your GPS fails to give you advance notice of an upcoming exit you need to take, this driving tip will help you stay on route.

The What: Check what side the exit sign is on.

The How: Exit signs are strategically placed on the same side you’ll need to exit!

This simple Car Hack will save you from missing an exit or even taking the wrong one altogether.

 ‘Key-p’ Cool


Trying to put keys on a key ring is extremely annoying at times.

This may be a pet peeve for many people. Not only can you crack your nail, which sucks for everyone, but sometimes you don’t even have long enough nails to get the job done. Don’t fret!

Try this simple hack next time.

This DIY Car Hack is so smart you’ll wish you’d been using it for years:

The What: A staple remover does more than just remove staples. Who knew??

The How: Please watch this educational video ☺

Rather than getting frustrated and hurting your finders, use this trick and ‘key-p” cool!

The Grand Slam – Literally


YouTube user MPHWORLD

YouTube user MPHWORLD

This hack should probably be put in place immediately– especially if you’re a bit of a clumsy driver who sometimes slams into garage walls….It happens to everyone, some more than others, but at least this DIY trick can save you from a grand slam into the back of your garage.

The What: Use a tennis ball to stop you from hitting the back of your garage wall.

The How: All you need to do is hang a tennis ball at the back of your garage. Make sure the string is long enough to bump the top of your rear car window.

As you back up, you’ll hit the ball instead of the wall.

Now you’re winning at the game of life. Game, set, and match.


After using these DIY Hacks, there is no doubt that you’ll feel that sometimes in life the small things really do make you feel like you’re a genius.

Test them out for yourself.

Have any other DIY Car Hacks that give you that sense of winning? Comment below!

Thanks for reading everyone!

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