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5 DIY Car Hacks that Every Dog Owner Should Know

This week’s DIY Car Hacks is devoted to all those dog owners out there who absolutely love their furry friend – but who also really love a clean car once and a while.

Squeegee Clean


This big guy would leave piles of hair on your carpet!

This big guy would leave hair on more than just your carpet!

Not only can a squeegee be used to clean your car windows of dog slobber, but it is also a super effective de-hairer for your car or truck’s carpeting.

The What: A squeegee. .

The How: Use the squeegee on your car’s carpeting. As you pull the squeegee along you will notice hairs being pulled out of the fibers. Use a cloth to wipe off hair and repeat process until you are satisfied.


One suggestion would be to properly clean the squeegee before using on your windows again.  Otherwise you’ll find yourself in a hairy mess.

Suck it Up Buttercup!


Just like kids, dogs can have accidents while travelling in your truck. This may not involve your dog throwing ice cream onto the backside of your backrest (saving it for later obviously), but other not-so-great messes are likely –especially when it comes to puppies. This can be, well gross, and leave a terrible stain. Luckily, there is a DIY cleaning solution that will save your seats – and your sanity. .

The What: Bottle of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide (H202), mild dish soap, and baking soda.

The How:  Mix 1 cup of the H202 with 2 tsp of the dish soap in small bowl. Stir well to ensure dish soap is completely mixed in. Use a cloth to remove as much moisture in the fabric before pouring anything on it. Shake baking soda liberally over the area. Let stand for 3-5 minutes depending on how damp the area still is.  Pour on stain solution and beginning scrubbing the area thoroughly. Let stand again until it dries. Pull out the vacuum and suck it up! also suggests testing a small, hidden area of the upholstery before using.

And hey, this solution will probably work on those ice cream stains too!!

Mr. Clean speaks Cling-On


Photo Credit: Not to be mistaken for Klingon!

Photo Credit:
“Cling-On”- not to be mistaken for Klingon!

Dog hair EVERYWHERE! A clean freak’s worst nightmare. But there’s a handy trick that’ll wipe your fear away.  Mr. Clean is here to save the day yet again.

The What:Mr. Clean rubber gloves, or any other kind really. .

The How All you have to do is wet the glove and start wiping! Dog hair will cling to the rubber glove as you wipe. You will have to rinse the glove of a few times throughout so that hair continues to cling to the rubber glove. .

After a good wipe down, your seat will be almost as good as new. Minus maybe a few drool or chew marks that your puppy may have left behind just for you. Might be a good time to think about getting some seat covers

Get that Dog Smell to Bounce


Nothing like doggy smell on a hot summer day, right! While air fresheners can help with some smell, there is another de-scenting method that you can tuck in all of the nooks and crannies of your car.

The What: Dryer sheets in your favorite scent, Bounce smell great though

The How: Tuck dryer sheets anywhere you think your dog won’t be able to get at them. By having the sheets dispersed throughout the car, the sweet, sweet smell of dog will be masked more effectively.

When choosing the right dryer sheet for your truck or car, you probably won’t have to worry about choosing a “for sensitive skin” version. It’s not like you’re rubbing it all over yourself or your dog– especially not your dog.

Johnson Hand & Paw Wipes


Photo Credit: Normanack You may need more than one wipe...

Photo Credit: Normanack
You may need more than one wipe…

Best way to reduce your dog’s hair and dirt out of your car is to brush them on a regular basis with a FURminator (seriously, if you don’t own one, get one), but what about their dirty paws? They track dirt into the car too. Well there’s another simple dog hack to wipe those down too.

The What: Johnson baby wipes or your brand of preference.

The How Before your dogs even enter into your car, have them sit and shake a paw. Wipe that one down. Ask for other paw. And wipe that one down too.

Chances of your pup shaking their hind leg might be unlikely reach down and wipe those paws too.

While it’d be super cool to have your dog always wipe their paws before hoping into your brand new 2015 Ford F150… this is probably not going to happen. So instead, wiping down their paws with baby wipes will help keep your new truck clean.



There you have it. 5 super useful DIY Car Hacks for dog owners!

Thanks for reading!

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