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5 Cheap Ways to Make Your Old Truck Modern (and Awesome)

Last Updated on Feb. 24, 2017

Turn your old Truck into a modern machine with these DIY Car Hacks.


These might not be as good as getting a brand new 2017 Dodge Ram or a Ford F150 Limited luxury truck but it is definitely cheaper.

Need a Clip Fix?

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So you have an old Ford 150 that was around before the dawn of time and more definitely before smartphones became a reality. Unfortunately, it is most likely missing any kind of holder or docking station for your new iPhone 6. Here’s the good news: there is a super cheap way of fixing this issue from

The What: Create your own smartphone holder with a binder clip.

The How: You’ll need a large binder clip. They come in a few different colors so you can choose based on your interior ☺

Take apart a big binder clip. Using a pair of plyers, bend the bottom portion of the metal arms upwards so that they will be able to hook into the vent. Make sure you are bending them so that they face each other. Put the clip back together. To keep from scratching, cover the clips entirely with yarn. Finally, attach a rubber band on each end of the arms to add the tension to keep it in place.

Especially nowadays where driving hands-free is the law. This one dollar DIY hack can save you from a pretty hefty ticket.


Take Your Tablet-To-Go

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By now, it is likely that most people will not only own a smartphone, but an iPad or Android tablet. What’s the likelihood your older Chevy truck has any mounts for a smartphone, let alone a tablet? Not a chance. This dilemma has become an issue for others as well and one Do-It-Yourselfer  has come up with a solution all for under $20!

The What: Create a tablet mount in a few simple steps

The How: You’ll need InstaMorph Moldable Plastic (on and two lumbar straps and strong Velcro from your local hardware store. You can choose to buy PlastiDip if you want to paint the straps.

This is what the DIYer Adam did:

            “I cut the straps to size, bent them using a hammer and vice, then painted them with PlastiDip. Using strong Velcro attached them to the top and bottom of the factory head unit, then put the center dash piece back in place”

This simple Car Hack will save you a piled of money and make it easier to use your tablet on-the-go as a GPS since we all know that no older truck will have one of these bad boys. ..

There are more pictures on for DIY Car Hack  to show you how this was done.


Get Twice as Charged Up

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The chances of your older GMC being “tablet compatible” are slim to none. So rather than having your tablet on your lap, try this instead:

The What: Create a dual charging station with just one cheap accessory

The How: This does not require much. All you need is to purchase a dual USB plug-in for you cigarette lighter. Plug it in! More common sense than anything else!

While this one does not require the DIY ethic, it will make the difference when you have passengers and need to charge not only your phone, but your tablet, your GPS, your camera, your kids’ IPad(s), and of course their smartphones.





That old school cassette player is not only outdated, but it really doesn’t work that well. The sound quality is terrible and sometimes makes a ‘clicking’ noise. It is time to take the next step in modernizing your truck.

The What: Create your own Bluetooth using an old cassette adapter

The How: Use your old school  car cassette adapter and a Bluetooth headset (also very outdated).

This Car Hack is a bit more technical, but still only takes 2 minutes to do. Check out this super informative video that’ll show you exactly what you need to do.

See? Not too hard. But there is no shame if you’re not overly comfortable with taking apart electronics. You can always ask a family member who is a bit more tech savvy

Hit the Road with this Auxiliary Jack

Change can be hard and maybe you’re not a wireless kind of person quite yet. Fair enough. Sometimes staying wired can actually offer better quality when listening to music and less connectivity issues. So instead of going wireless with the Build-a-Bluetooth, there is another modern alternative to that lame cassette adapter.

The What: Create your own auxiliary jack and throw away that old cassette adapter

The How: Watch the video in full length to find out the supplies you’ll need. It’ll be a bit different depending on your vehicle, but the lovely lady in the video will explain it all to you.

The video describes the project best. One point of caution is to make sure you pay attention to which wires you need to cut. You don’t want to blow a fuse. Take your time to make sure you follow the steps properly. This kind of thing might require a bit of technical knowledge, but take a look at the video and see if you know enough about cars to get the job done. If you have any outstanding IOUs from any technically-inclined friends, it might be time to cash in on them.

For those who own a truck — new or old — it is hard to imagine driving anything else. We can relate! Check out 10 Reasons Why You Should Own a Truck.

Please let us know if you try any of these out! Comment below!

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