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5 Awesome Car Detailing Products you’ll Likely Find in your Bathroom

These DIY Car Hacks will give your Truck a Good Detailing – Using Items that you’ll find in your Bathroom


You just got back from your summer camping trip and your truck looks like it has gone to hell and back. The usual hose-down won’t do the trick this time. Rather than forking out your hard-earned cash to get your car detailed, use your DIY mentality, a bucket of water, a few microfiber cloths, and these Car Hacks to give your truck the deep clean it so desperately needs.

A Deep Conditioning Treatment



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After a good rinse to remove dirt, insect, and tree remnants, it is time to take it to the next level. Hair conditioner can act as a two-in-one product that will not only wash your truck effectively, but add a nice wax finish to protect the paint.

The What: A hair conditioner with lanolin

The How: In a bucket, combine 2 cups of water and ½ cup of hair conditioner.

While your car is still wet, completely cover it with the solution. Apply enough so that when using a microfiber cloth, it spreads easily. Once your car is completely covered, rinse thoroughly and dry with another clean microfiber cloth.

And…POOF! A shiny truck appears.

OPI Crack Filler?

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It happens to all of us and it sucks for all of us. You’re driving on the highway and a small rock comes spitting back from the car in front of you and leaves a tiny crack in your windshield. We all know it starts small, but as times goes on the crack spreads further and further. This trick using nail polish can slow it down.

The What: A clear nail polish.

The How: Clean the crack of any dust and dirt.  Make sure that it’s dry before applying clear nail polish. Apply enough nail polish to fill the ends of the crack.  It is best to leave your car in the sun to make sure it dries completely.

This easy yet effective hack will slow how fast the crack spreads across your windshield. Make sure that you are using a clear nail polish. You don’t want to have another mess on your hands by applying a colored polish, even if it’s an iridescent pale pink.

Sap Out of it!

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No, this car hack is not for removing the iridescent pale pink (you swear it was clear) nail polish that was accidentally used to fill your windshield crack with…

But in case you made a mistake, it is OK to use nail polish remover on your windshield to remove it. Not only that, but there is another use for it too! It is great way to remove sap from your windows after getting back from your camping trip or when you park under a tree.

The What: Acetone-based nail polish remover.

The How: Pour a reasonable amount of nail polish remover on a clean, dry cloth. Wipe sap with cloth until the sap is gone. You may need to wipe a few times before the sap starts to come off.

It is also good for removing those once-cool car stickers that are still stuck on the rear window of your truck.


Word to the wise:  DO NOT use acetone polish removers on the body of your car as it can damage the paint.


Now for a couple of DIY Car Hacks that’ll help you detail your car or truck interior.

Go Crazy with Q-Tips

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Crumbs and dirt everywhere! But, the vacuum can’t reach all those little nooks and crannies that seem to have some kind of magnetic field sucking in everything. Try this quick tip and use Q-tips® to reach them.

The What: A handful of Q-tips. Or box…depending on how dirty your interior is.

The How: Use the Q-tips anywhere that your vacuum nozzle can’t reach. This could be the little crevices on your door or console. They also work great to clean off the vents where dust can gather quite easily. Go crazy!

Once you have wiped out all the crumbs and dirt, vacuum again to make sure you suck up anything that didn’t stick to the Q-tips.



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Uh-oh… Looks like your kids got a hold of the pen you keep in your glove box again! Smiley faces everywhere! Not to worry, there’s a super quick fix using hairspray.

The What: Aerosol hairspray.

The How: Spray inked area with a decent amount of hairspray. Let sit for a minute depending on how much is on there. Use a damp cloth and wipe away. The ink should come right out.


Do you have any other tips and tricks that you use?? There are TONS out there.

We want to hear yours and add them to our list for a second edition of this DIY Car Hacks

Thanks for reading everyone!


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  • Jordan Jorgenson
    13 October 2015 at 8:27 am
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    Really, hair conditioner with lanolin can add shine to my car? That almost sounds too ridiculous to be true. However, next time I’m detailing my car I’m going to try using conditioner. Are there any other bathroom items that I could use on my car besides the ones you have listed?

    • Madi Strub
      13 October 2015 at 11:10 am
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      Toothpaste is a great headlight cleaner!

  • saba
    3 May 2018 at 1:22 pm
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  • Penelope Smith
    22 June 2018 at 8:13 pm
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    This is some really good information about detailing the inside of your car. I liked that you pointed out that hairspray can be used to get rid of pen ink. That does seem like a good thing for me to be aware of because I want to get my car super clean before I sell it.

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