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10 Theme Songs that Reveal your True Alter Ego… While Driving


Stuck sitting in dreaded traffic, cruising around town, or ripping it on the highway (just under the speed limit of course…..) music is the ultimate release from your day – good or bad.

You reach for that dial press that button, or nowadays say the word, and music streams into your car’s cabin and into your ears.

“Ahh…. Sweet, sweet bliss”, you think to yourself

You tune in and the music takes over. Red light. Stop. Green light. Go. It’s like clockwork.

New song comes on. It’s a very recognizable theme song.

“Wait…What??” that’s not on your driving playlist. Nope, it’s definitely not. Someone must have added it. Maybe it was your ALTER EGO!

But the real question is…What song came on?


1.     Harry Potter (Hedwig’s Song by John Williams)


Those magical notes fill your ears and you’re transformed.   Oh great wizard of the wheel! It’s like magic when you drive. Each turn and merge you make is just as brilliant as Harry Potter is on his broom stick or waving his wand. Not even Lord Voldemort could defeat you on the road, especially when it comes to parallel parking.   Is that even a scar on your forehead? Oh no wait – it’s just food.


2.     Indiana Jones (Raider’s March by John Williams)


That catchy tune, you know it well. You are, after all, the ultimate relic hunter out there.

So throw on your Fedora, rev your engine, and set forth to seek out your next big adventure.

There is no stopping you from finding that hidden treasure – McDonald’s or In-N-Out Burger perhaps?  And of course, if they make a mistake on your order, crack that pocket whip. You know, the one you recently downloaded after watching The Big Bang Theory.


3.     Back to the Future by Alan Silvestri

Oooh yes. The epic score from one of the most memorable 80s trilogies out there. You’re instantly transported in time.   Why hello there Mr. Marty McFly! Whether you’re driving the DeLorean or the Toyota Hilux, you’re rocking that infamous denim jacket, dark orange bubble vest duo. When you’re behind the wheel, there are no rules because after all, there are no roads… because Where you’re going, you don’t need roads.


4.     Pirates of the Caribbean

Yo ho yo ho it’s a pirate’s life for you… Sailing through traffic, searching for ye plunder.

Deep down inside, most people – men and women alike – would love to have the savviness of Captain Jack Sparrow.

Did you know that he even has his own Facebook page? With over 22,500,000 Likes. Just in case you’re unsure how to really release you alter ego as a pirate. WikiHow has a 4 step process in doing so. Here’s what WikiHow.com says to do:
1)      Go “on account”. Not simple theft, but acquiring things in a way that the previous owner is happy to give you what you ask for, all things considered

2)      Follow a code. Whether it’s accumulating wealth or avoiding the yoke of polite society, know your goals.

3)      Assemble a crew. A lonely pirate is a poor pirate indeed. Gather like-minded folk to aid your endeavors.

4)       Choose a style. Gentleman-captain? Blood-hungry tyrant? Shabby but charismatic rogue? “Exotic” foreign type?


But this is one instance where drinking rum might not be the best choice. So stay away from the rum!


5.     Austin Powers

Oh do behave! Allow yourself to introduce… yourself ☺   Is your middle name Danger by chance?   When that groovy tune flows through yours speakers, your inner alter ego of mystery comes out and POOF! Austin Danger Powers is revealed cruising around in your very own Shaguar-plated SWIGER.
5.     Superman

YES! The song that finally allows you to whip off those glasses and save the world yet again from all those villainous drivers out there..

You are the ultimate super hero of the road.  When “Lexus” Luther pulls up beside you at the light, you know that he is no match for you. You’re destined for greatness. Almost undefeatable, but your kryptonite is crappy drivers.


7.     James Bond

It’s Bond, James Bond, isn’t it. The classiest of tunes reveals your inner “Bondness”. Whether you see yourself as Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, or Daniel Craig — you are the driver with the golden gun. Watch out! Don’t forget to check in with Q for any new gadgets to take with you on your next mission. Check out the latest “James Bond Mode” from Tesla. But perhaps in these circumstances, you’re better off not having a martini.


8.     The Godfather (by Andy Williams)

Are you gonna ‘make em’ an offer they can’t refuse?

Yet another amazing trilogy from the 80s. When that classic song plays, it transforms you into the Don of the Road.

You expect respect from all for if they cut you off, you seek revenge on their families. For you know the importance of family. And of course as we all know, revenge is a dish best served cold.


9.     Star Wars (by John Williams aka the God of Movie Scores, clearly)

We are all psyched for the new Star Wars movie! So much so that this theme song might just unleash the force within you. But the question is, which side are you on? The Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire? Decide you must…. Master of the road you are, young one. Teach all the new podracers how it is done, you will. May the force be with you, Jedi Master or Lord of the Sith….
10.             Frozen “Let it Go” by Idina Menzel (or is it Adèle Nazeem)

You know the song – every kid knows the song – even your dog knows the song.
Just like Idina Menzel did when John Travolta butchered her name – you’re going to Let it Go and Stay Cool while driving.
Rain, shine, or of course SNOW, you are the ice queen of the road. You are, one with the wind and the sky.
Others that may be reveal your true alter ego:
Chariots of Fire, Terminator, Rocky, 2001 Space Odyssey, The Good the Bad and the Ugly, Jurassic Park. And let us not forget the super awesome Kill Bill or Lion King theme songs.
Whatever driving alter ego you are, there’s definitely going to be a theme song out there for ya.Theme Songs Driving

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