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The Car Seat Covers from ShearComfort are made from the highest quality automotive grade materials and are custom designed to perfectly, and exactly fit your vehicle's seats. Whether you have a car, SUV, or truck our seat covers are made to fit your vehicle. If you are looking to protect your original upholstery, make your driving experience more comfortable and padded or simply make your interior more aesthetically pleasing, we have the best solutions. Read more [+]

Our experts are on hand to assist you. We are so confident in our products that we guarantee a perfect fit on all custom-made items. Additionally, all of our seat covers come with a 1-Year Risk Free Warranty. All custom fit seat covers for the back or front seat of your car or truck are crafted with perfection and laser cut from exact patterns for your seat.

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We pride ourselves on providing phenomenal customer service. If you have any question or concerns we are here to help by email, live chat, or phone. Unsure of the type of seats in your vehicle? Have questions about which products will be the best fit for your needs? If you have any questions along the way, please feel free to contact us. We are here to help!

Regardless of the vehicle you drive, we have the knowledgeable staff on hand and have front and back seat covers for SUVs, Jeeps, Trucks, Dodges, Toyotas, Chevys, Hondas, Subarus, and more.

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How to Order

Choose Your Material

  • Select year, make, and model

  • Choose style & package

  • Select vehicle seat options

We Custom Make Them For You

  • Custom-made and fitted for your selection

  • Get confirmation email & tracking # when shipped

  • Receive after about 2-3 weeks

Easy Installation

  • Slip over original seats

  • Simple Strap/Buckle & Velcro system

  • Non-slip fit: Looks great & protects for years

Tons of Customization Options to Fit Your Needs

Whether you are looking to buy car seat covers to protect your original upholstery from industry, dogs, or kids, to increase your comfort on the road, or simply change the look of your car's interior, we can create a style of custom seat covers you'll love.

If you are hard on your seats and know that you're likely to spill on or stain them, purchasing a set of car seat covers made of high-quality upholstery is an easy and very cost-effective way to stop this from happening. Many of our customers rave about our CORDURA Seat Covers – Which are designed for protection and perfect for heavy use.

Once you've chosen the best car seat covers for your needs, we get to work creating them. Shipping is free.

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ShearComfort Reviews

colin read
Product: CORDURA®
Vehicle: 2008 Ford Econoline E Series Vans

Date: 2018-09-13
Product Review: The seat covers are nice. I thought they would fit a little better but overall they do fit well. I've bought from shear comfort before and the fit was perfect. This time they fit what I'd call 88% which is still good. I'd have liked to see more coverage on the outside edges of the bottom near the seat back. They are so nice and thick they will probably outlast my van. These look great but they do get dusty whenever you brush up against them with dirty or dusty clothes. Overall I would get them again if I switch work vans.
General Experience: I've purchased here before and the experience both times has been a seamless transaction.
ken roth
Product: Neoprene
Vehicle: 2016 Dodge Caravan / Grand Caravan

Date: 2018-09-12
Product Review: Awesome fit and great quality. Hoping they maintain the professional appearance over time.
General Experience: Great web page and easy shopping. May suggest that a caution be included with installation instructions indicating that sharp edges may be present under seat. Sliced several times.
brenda godak
Product: Neoprene
Vehicle: 2010 Toyota 4Runner

Date: 2018-09-12
Product Review: They fit perfectly, look great, and are easy to clean and install. Im very pleased with my purchase.
General Experience: They were wonderful. I ordered the wrong size seat covers to begin with and this company worked with me to get the size correct.
carolyn harrington
Product: Sheepskin
Vehicle: 2013 Hyundai Elantra

Date: 2018-09-12
Product Review: Seems to be really good quality. The difficulty of installing is my only negative comment. They look great even though I'm not sure I have the straps connected correctly.
General Experience: Delivery was prompt and as promised.
daniel vanderhorst
Product: Sheepskin
Vehicle: 2018 BMW 5 Series Sedans

Date: 2018-09-12
Product Review: Excellent product. Comfortable in summer or winter. I have had them on all my cars since I bought the first set.
General Experience: Easy to work with

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