Installation Instructions - Imitation Sheepskin Seat Covers

Download File Please read over entire installation instructions prior to beginning install.

You may need any of the following for installation; Standard and Phillips head screw drivers, utility razor knife, putty knife, and scissors.

If you have any problems or questions, please call for installation assistance. We employ experienced seat cover installers and they can suggest methods to resolve any issues you have.

Seat Bottom Cushion

1. Fit cover onto bottom cushion pushing “tuck in” between top and bottom cushion.

2. Place an S-hook on each elastic strap and hook under bottom cushion to a support spring or hole in metal plate below seat.

3. Repeat step 2 for the elastic straps on the front edge of skirting portion.(stretch elastic straps as taut as possible without breaking strap)

4. Place s-hooks on each of the straps on back lower edge of skirting portion. Feed straps under the edge of the cushion. You may need to thread the elastic under plastic molding and above the track that the seat moves back and forth on. Using a flexible strip of hard plastic to lead the elastic strap may help.

5. If you are unable to accomplish the previous steps easily you may have to adjust the attachment method to suit your needs.

6. If you have an adjustable head rest remove it. (See head rest removal)

7. Slide seat cover over back rest, longer side with elastic straps towards front of seat.

8. Pull elastic straps between back rest and bottom cushion.

9. Starting at the top of the back rest push the material down the front of the seat while at the same time pulling the material through the middle of the seat. (Using two people will make this portion of the install easier and pull on the material rather than the elastic straps to avoid ripping the straps off of the cover)

10. Once you pushed the material to the bottom of the back rest attach the straps under the seat to support springs or holes in the metal plate, starting with the center elastic strap.(Stretch the straps taut but do not over stretch them which will rip them from the cover)

11. Reinstall the head rest (See replacing the headrest)

Head rest removal

Some head rests are easily removed by simply pushing the release button and sliding the head rest out. Others will require using common household items to remove them.

Chevrolet and some Ford models have pinholes in the plastic base moldings. Use a finishing nail or paper clip to release head rest. Ford trucks have a visible release button on one molding and a recessed button on the other molding. Press both buttons at the same time and remove head rest. Older Jeep Cherokees twist the round moldings in the direction of the arrow on the molding. Dodge Dakotas have a groove in the side of the molding which you can insert a small flat head screw driver into to release head rest.

Replacing Head rest

After installing the seat cover punch a hole in the cover in the top center of the plastic molding. Cut a small X slightly smaller than the molding and tuck the raw material under the plastic molding. This provides a more finished and better fit. Reinstall head rest.

Removing plastic recline levers and lumbar knobs may be necessary to properly install covers. Remove the handle or lumbar knob, cut small slit, punch post through the cover and reinstall the lever or knob. Lumbar knobs and recline levers are either attached with screws or U shaped metal clips. If not precut you will need to use the same method to cut and tuck for electrical panels.