Installation Instructions - Aztec Custom Seat Covers

Download File Congratulations on the purchase of Shear Comfort's AZTEC Seat Covers. These are no ordinary seat covers. A breathable foam lining has been added, which gives you maximum comfort while protecting your vehicle's upholstery.

Installation Instructions

1. Place seat cover bottom on bottom of seat. Line up the front and side seams and tuck the flap at rear of seat cover between seat back and bottom.

2. Starting on the front at one side tie one end of tie down cord to pre-sewn on cloth loop.

3. Run cord under seat and wrap once around metal ledge on springs and back out to front. This can be tied to the same loop to or next loop over. Pull snug tie to cloth loop. Make sure seat cover stays centered on seat.

4. Continue step 3 around seat front and sides.

5. Attach cords to rear flap following procedure as above only pulling tight to cinch seat covers firmly in place.

6. Turn seat cover backrest inside out and attach tie down cords to top and or (for split backs) sides of seat cover.

Seat Backrests:

7.  Remove Headrests. 
 A. On non-removable headrests the seat cover will have Velcro at the top.

 B. For GM/Chevy seats:

  • Where the headrest post goes into the seat there is a plastic cap.
  • Push a small nail or heavy paper clip into hole and pull up to release headrest.

 C. Ford Headrest removal:

  • On the driver's side post grommet there is a little plastic tip sticking up on the inner side of the grommet. On the passenger side post grommet, outer side, there is a little flush button that looks like part of the grommet. Press the tip on the outer grommet in, while at the same time using a small screw driver to press in on the flush button on the opposite post. Both must be pressed at the same time. There is sufficient room to allow the fist to push upward and release the headrest posts from their notched stops.

8. Slip seat covers over backrest and tuck flap between seat back and bottom. Cords tied to the top of backrest should run down the back of seat and tie to this flap. This will allow the seat backs to fold forward independently.

Note: Do not tie backrest cords to under side of seat.

9. Feel at top of seat for headrest post holes. Lift seat cover material away from seat and make a small cut to allow for re-installation of headrests.

Care and Cleaning

These seat covers should be hand washed in mild soap and warm water. Hang to dry.

Note: Purchaser assumes responsibility when cleaning.


All seat covers are warranted against defective materials and workmanship for a period of 6 months from the date of purchase.