Installation Instructions - Aztec Bench Seat Covers

Download File Shear Comfort has a wide range of seat cover styles. The installation method will vary depending on the different style of seat covers you choose. Additionally the installation for each style of seat covers may vary to accommodate the different vehicles or seats (front or rear) that the covers are being put on. Below are some general installation guides for different seat cover styles.

Installation Instructions

1. Lay seat cover out and put one hook on each strap, closing hook with pliers to permanently fasten hook to strap.

2. Place seat cover bottom on bench and tuck flap through space between seat back and bottom. Pull straps until snug and attach to under side of seat. Hook to springs or metal ledges. Make sure to attach all front and side straps to keep seat cover from sliding on seat. These are located under stretch poly fabric.

3. Pull bungy cords at ends of poly skirt snug and attach to under side of seat.

4. Turn backrest of seat cover inside out and attach one tie down cord to each cloth loop on the top shoulder and side of backrest.

5. Slip the seat cover over backrest of seat and tuck flap between seat back and bottom. The pre-tied cords should come down the back of seat and tie to loops on this flap.

Note: The backrest is tied to itself, so that it will move independently when seat is folded forward. Do not tie backrest cords to under side of seat.

6. If the seat has headrests, make a small cut for the posts and replace headrest.

Caution: A sudden release of the hook attached to fastening straps can cause serious eye damage. Look for the hook up spot and then move your head away from line of sight when pulling and attaching straps. Safety glasses should be used while installing.

Care and Cleaning:

These seat covers should be hand washed in mild soap and warm water. Hang to dry.
Note: Purchaser assumes responsibility when cleaning.


All seat covers are warranted against defective materials and workmanship for a period of 6 months from the date of purchase.