The Jay Leno Car Garage: Jay Leno’s Car Collection is Amazing

Jay Leno’s car collection is up there as being one of the largest and most expensive collections in the world. The Jay Leno Garage is filled with classic cars, retro rides, modern machines, and even a few one-of-a-kind vehicles. Check out some of the best and our top picks of Jay Leno’s cars!


Faraday Future’s FF 91: An Electric Vehicle Worth Waiting For?

The electric vehicle industry is growing and Faraday Future wants a piece of the action. Check out their first model of cars set for production, the FF 91. Will Faraday and their electric vehicles be able to compete with EV top dog, Tesla?


Pick Your Outdoor Adventure with Moonshine Camo Seat Covers

Moonshine, the ultimate lifestyle camo, is now available at Shear Comfort! Our Moonshine camo seat covers will not only show off your adventurous side, but also give your car or truck an awesome makeover! What’s your favorite?


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