Famous Olympic Athletes and Their Cars

These Olympic athletes not only have an impressive collection of medals, but are also owners of extraordinary cars. Incredible top speeds and awesome power, these luxury automobiles and supercars are a perfect match for some of the fastest and most talented professional athletes in the world.


The Joker’s Car in Suicide Squad: A Super-Evil Vehicle for the Iconic DC Super-Villain

The Joker is back on the big screen and Jared Leto has cranked up the crazy in DC’s latest film, Suicide Squad. The same can be said about the Joker Car; a custom vehicle designedby specifically for the Clown Prince of Crime.


Most Memorable Fictional Businessmen and Their Cars

These notorious businessmen may have questionable ethics at times, but there is no doubt of their impeccable taste in cars. Whether these fictional characters drive these cars themselves or have a chauffer for their luxury limousines, they know how to travel in style.


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