Drive Like a Celebrity: Cars Owned by Oscar Winners

Not only do we love their Oscar-winning performances, but also their celebrity cars! Past Academy Award winners like Matthew Mccaughney, Natalie Portman, and of course, Leonardo DiCaprio all have some pretty amazing rides. Check out what these celebrities drive when they’re not walking down the red carpet. Who do you think should win the ‘Best Car’ award?


5 Best Luxury Trucks That’ll Knock You Off Your Feet

These are some of the best luxury trucks out there. Pairing power with pure luxury, these pickup trucks offer the ultimate driving experience. With the likes of Tesla and Mercedes joining the luxe-truck market, the sky is the limit when it comes to luxury!


Ford Reviving the Bullitt Mustang? Dwayne Johnson Video Leak!

Dwayne Johnson, offficial Ford spokesperson, might of revealed plans to revive the Bullitt Mustang. Is it possible that after nine years, the Ford Mustang Bullitt will go back into production and available to us in 2018? Come on Ford, we want details!


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