Rap Star Drake: Cars Pushing Luxury & Performance ‘To The Max’

When you’re Drake, cars like the McLaren 675LT and the Bugatti Veryon Sang Noir come with the lavish lifesyle of a rap star. Drizzy has been spotted in quite a few very deexpensive luxury and performance whips worth a pretty penny. You gotta see the Drake Car Collection! He’s really living up to his catchphrase, YOLO.


The Power of the Electron

Congratulations to our Spring 2017 Scholarship winner! This applicant submitted a compelling, well-written essay about the direction the automotive industry will go in the next 5 to 10 years. Each semester ShearComfort offers financial support to a college or university student studying engineering or a field related to the development of vehicles. Thank you to all the students who applied and keep up the good work.


Car History: 14 Very Old Cars that Paved the Way for Cars of Today

Have you ever wondered how the old cars of yesterday came to be the techno-packed cars we drive today? These 14 automobiles are not just vintage cars, but so much more than that. They are historic cars, ones that played an essential role in driving the automotive industry forward and leading us to the cars of today. Take a look back and check out these old-fashioned cars, some of which are still running.


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