Cars of the Future: Top 5 Best Concept Cars 2015-2016

These 5 concept cars are Shear Comfort’s top picks for 2015-2016. Each car pushes past the boundaries of automotive engineering and technology and redefine the ultimate driving experience. Whether the automakers added features allowing drivers to stay connected to the outside world, created a lounge-like cabin for enhanced comfort or perfected the autonomous driving modes for easy driving; they all have their perks. What’s your favorite?


The Future of Green Technologies

We have selected this well-written and interesting article for our Spring 2016 Automotive Scholarship. We are proud to offer financial support to students enrolled in automotive engineering or technology related programs.


The Donald Trump Car Collection: An In-Depth Look

Have you ever wondered what kind of car a man like Donald Trump drives? If you guessed one that is very luxurious and classy with a hefty price tag then you guessed right! This in-depth look at Trump’s exclusive car collection will tell you everything you need to know about the amazing cars he owns and drives.


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