Sheepskin Seat Covers

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We use the finest Australian Merino Sheepskin for your custom fit sheepskin seat covers. Merino is known for having the densest wool fiber which makes for an extremely comfortable drive. Denser wool does not "pack down" and is a better choice for sheepskin seat covers for cars as it ensures maximum comfort for drivers and passengers. More info

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Extremely Comfortable for All Seasons

Sheepskin is an incredible natural insulator - your seats will feel Warm in the Winter and Cool in the Summer. Sheepskin allows air to flow between you and your seat, creating a natural insulating effect that will keep you at a comfortable temperature all year round. Sitting on fleece also supports the body and reduces pressure points, allowing for maximum comfort, especially during long drives.

Our Durable Sheepskin Seat Covers Come with Protection

Each sheepskin seat cover has a leather hide with one-inch of fleece. This creates a protective layer over your seats which will stop all dust, dirt and spills from staining your original upholstery. This durable yet extremely comfortable product has been known to last up to 15 years on the same vehicle!

Highly Customized with Warranty Included

As with all of our products, Shear Comfort Sheepskin seat covers are altered to accommodate side airbags if your vehicle has them. No need for you to do anything extra, just choose your year, make, and model and we will know based on your selection whether your vehicle has side seat airbags or not.

To give you further peace of mind that you are purchasing a quality product, all Shear Comfort products, including sheepskin, have a 1-year warranty against any defects in workmanship and materials. Additionally, Shear Comfort will guarantee the fit of all of our products to your vehicle.

Customer Reviews for Sheepskin Seat Covers

Vehicle: 2016 Mercedes GLE SUV

Covers were delivered in the time promised. Workmanship on covers was superb. These covers are expensive but after trying numerous less expensive vendors, these are worth every penny spent. Installation was easy and they fit perfectly. They provide an excellent level of comfort in warm or cold environments. If I need covers for any future vehicles, Shear Comfort will be by first choice.
Vehicle: 2016 Toyota Prius

These are a serious seat cover. No imitation material here. The black seat covers look great and feel wonderful in my 2016 Prius. Definitely order the matching head rest covers as well to finish off the look. I had very little problems installing. About 40 to 50 mins taking my time for the two front seats. The fit I have to say was right on. Cutting the two holes in the top of the seat cover for the head rest pegs to go through was easier than some people have made it out to be. You just need the right knife with pointed tip will cut through like butter. The touring package 2016 Prius does not come with heated seats unfortunately so I spent the bucks to keep my bottom warm in my daily hour plus commute every day to work this winter. Not cheap but I think defiantly worth every penny ! Hope this review helps you in your decision. Cheers
Vehicle: 2009 Chevy Silverado

They are wonderful! Hard for me to get in due to having surgery on my hands. But they are soft and great quality. It is nice on a cold morning to sit on the trucks seat and be warm. Highly recommend these to anyone!
Vehicle: 2014 Mercedes E Class

I appreciate the attention to detail with follow-up making sure we have a correct fit!
Vehicle: 2000 Chevy Express

These are very high quality seat covers. If you want real nice, high quality seat covers- these are the people to see. There is absolutely no comparison to the seat covers you buy at a store. This is as close to reupholstering you will get....