Oldsmobile Seat Covers

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  • Safe for In-seat Airbags and Heated Seats

  • Rear Benches Available

The car industry will never forget the importance of the Oldsmobile. Even though the make has been discontinued by GM, it has left behind a 100 year old legacy. For all the Oldsmobile owners out there, Shear Comfort values a good, well-made car. We also value the importance of maintaining such a car, especially if it is no longer available. Our custom seat covers are Oldsmobile accessories that protect the interior of your Intrigue, Alero and Silhouette. Our digitized cutting system guarantees a perfect fit, protecting your Oldsmobile seat from day-to-day tear and wear. Maintain the value of your Oldsmobile with our Oldsmobile seat covers. More info

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Oldsmobile Seat Covers

In our eyes, Oldsmobile's long standing legacy needs to be protected one Oldsmobile seat cover at a time! Our seatcovers are not only quality Oldsmobile parts and look great in your interior, but because of their custom nature we guarantee this quality. Our process starts with a digitized cutting system.

Even from the very start, Shear Comfort offers Oldsmobile accessories that are accurately cut to the specific year, model, and seat of your Olds. We take pride in our seat covers, just as Oldsmobile did in their vehicles. Let us maintain your Oldsmobile interior and the legacy behind it with our custom seat covers. Not only do we provide a perfect fit with seat covers for Oldsmobile, but we only use high grade automotive quality fabrics.

All of our fabrics are made to last and protect your seat covers for years to come. When shopping for parts for Oldsmobile, you want to make sure you are only getting the best. Shear Comfort guarantees that.

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Customer Reviews for Oldsmobile Seat Covers

E - Scappoose, OR
Product: Sheepskin
Vehicle: 1998 Oldsmobile Cutlass

Date: 2011-02-07
I just received my sheepskins for my Olds Cutlass. I am very happy with the fit and the quality of this product. I received them in 2 days after payment. Very fast. They are beautiful skins at a fair price. I would recommend your company to anyone. Thanks!