How to Order

Before You Order


  • Check your exact Make, Model and Year? (ie: Honda Civic LX 2010)
  • What type of seats are on the vehicle? Take a look at the vehicle seat layout because later in the ordering process you will need to choose the correct seat description.
  • Do you have seat-mounted airbags in the seats?
  • Do you have electronic adjustment control or lumbar knob on driver and/or passenger seat?
  • Do you have leather or cloth seats?
  • Do you have a passenger fold flat seat? (seat back folds flat with tray on back)

If you have all this information then you are ready to order:

You have 2 options to order:

Option One

If you know what style of seat cover material that you want. Click on seat cover style you like on the left side of the site under SHOP BY STYLE.

Shop By Style:

To get pricing and seat options for your vehicle. Select the make, model and year on the menu you see below. (ie: Honda Civic 2010)

The seat options for your vehicle will be displayed with prices.

Option Two

If you want to see all the seat cover styles available for the vehicle SHOP BY VEHICLE

Shop By Vehicle:

Click on the Shear Comfort Ltd. logo in the top left corner of the website (seen below).

Select your make, model and year. (ex. Honda Civic 2010)

The seat cover styles available for your vehicle will be displayed.

For more specific information or to order please call us at our toll free number: 1-800-663-7750 Monday to Friday. Hours are 8:30 to 4:30 Pacific Time.