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The GMC Acadia: a handsome mid-size crossover SUV with rugged good looks. Most Acadia owners have a lot of gear and people to transport, meaning your GMC Acadia interior can quickly become worn or soiled. To prevent your seats from looking like a used napkin, we recommend installing our Neoprene seat covers. Neoprene GMC Acadia seat covers are soft and comfortable yet durable enough for everyday use. They are water-resistant to help keep liquids from staining but, more importantly, they are form fitting to maintain the looks of your interior. Shear Comfort seat covers will not be loose or baggy. More info

Our top seat covers for GMC Acadia vehicles

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Custom Fit Neo-Supreme
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Custom Fit Imitation Leather
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Imitation Leather
Custom Fit Hawaiian
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Choosing Your Product

Maybe you have recently taken a family vacation and want to recreate the fun, relaxed atmosphere of holiday time. Our Hawaiian print seat covers can liven up a used GMC Acadia or protect a new GMC Acadia to keep it in pristine condition. The bright colors and amusing graphics lighten the mood and safeguard your original upholstery from damage.

For maximum protection, we recommend our CORDURA® seat covers. This rugged nylon-like canvas is highly abrasion and tear resistant as well as waterproof. CORDURA® is favored by customers with pets or families that are rough on their vehicles such as when camping, kayaking or mountain biking.

Imitation Leather seat covers are another excellent choice of material for heavier duty use or for customers that want the look and feel of real leather with the lower cost of a synthetic version. Imitation Leather is waterproof so it will be easily cleaned or wiped down with a sponge or towel. If your Acadia currently has leather seats or you like the feel of leather, our Imitation Leather seat covers are a great, low cost alternative that will keep the interior upscale while still protecting your original upholstery.

Many Acadia owners that prefer a traditional automotive cloth choose Velour seat covers for their comfort, durability and factory look. Velour has a luxuriously soft feel but has excellent durability in daily use. They are very form fitted with muted tones so they do not draw unwanted attention to your Acadia.

If you are looking for GMC Acadia parts, GMC Acadia accessories or you need a quick GMC Acadia seat cover buying guide, please read the following: Your two front seats have a safety feature where air bags are installed inside them. There is also an optional air bag on the driver's right hand side that inflates in between the two seats. Our seat covers accommodate all your safety features. As well, please note if your driver and passenger seats have any lumbar controls and if they are manually operated or electrically controlled with a power button. We do not impede any functionality of your seats. This brings us to the second row seating area.

GMC engineers created their Smart Slide system that allows the second row seats to partially collapse then slide forward to allow easier access to the third row. This means the second row seats have several levers and pull handles to engage certain functions. Our seat cover designs incorporate these functions so you can still use these features. So if you have a 2 or 3 seat capacity second row, we can make custom fit seat covers, guarantee the fit and retain all your seat operations such as the Smart Slide system or the fold flat feature.

The third row is referred to as a 60/40 split bench with adjustable headrests, meaning each backrest can fold separately. We can make covers for each piece, allowing you to fold these seats flat for extra storage. All levers and pull straps are accessible with our seat covers. So if you have an SLE1, SLE2, SLT1, SLT2 or a Denali model, we can create custom fit seat covers that will help maintain the value of your Acadia and help preserve the looks of your GMC Acadia interior.

Customer Reviews for GMC Acadia Seat Covers

Product: Sheepskin
Rating: 5/5

Easy to install on 2015 Acadia. Look and feel awesome! Great company.

Product: Neoprene
Rating: 5/5

It was easy to install but if you have large arms it's hard to get the straps from under the seat ... But all in all 5 stars

Product: Neoprene
Rating: 5/5

The seat covers fit perfectly and it makes my car look like a different car in the inside.

Product: Neoprene
Rating: 4/5

Drivers side cover fitted perfectly. Passenger side cover cut-out for lumbar adjust is cutout is 1 inch offset otherwise fit is also perfect. Appreciated the customer service when confirming my order and follow up.
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