Suburban Seat Covers

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  • Yes Guaranteed exact fit to your Chevy Suburban seat
  • Yes Custom fit seat covers are better than universals
  • Yes Protect your original seats to increase resale value
  • Yes Safe for in-seat airbags and heated seats
  • Yes Rear benches available
The big honkin' Suburban: an SUV doesn't get any bigger than this. If you own a new Suburban or an old one you're probably hauling people or lots of gear - and exposing your Suburban seats to a lot of wear and tear. Custom-made seat covers are the solution to preserving your Chevy Suburban interior. You should feel proud to have a used Suburban (not an abused one) as it has been a part of the Chevy line-up for over 70 years! Protect your investment with Shear Comfort custom fit seat covers made specifically for your model: whether it's a Suburban 1500, 2500, LS, LT, LTZ, or anything in between. We make the latest 2015 Chevy Suburban seat covers from our exact-fitting seat patterns. more

Seat Covers for Chevy Suburban

Babies, toddlers, teenagers, adults; dogs, cats, miniature ponies: what can't fit inside a Suburban? We feel most primates and domesticated four legged critters could fit just nicely. For ultimate protection on your seats, cover them with our Cordura, Realtree Camo, or Imitation Leather seat covers. For versatile coverage (meaning soft and comfortable yet still durable and water resistant) use our Neoprene or Velour fabrics. If you need a light buffer against the feel of leather seats, order our Mesh fabric. For supreme insulation from the heat or cold, use Shear Comfort Sheepskin.

Chevy offers numerous Suburban parts and Chevy Suburban accessories such as the Skid Plate Package, the Off Road Suspension Package or even the Luxury Package but Shear Comfort offers you the best Seat Protection Package! We make our seat covers for your exact seats so they will be wrapped tightly and securely, no bunching or bagginess with our seat covers. Explore, transport, load and haul away in your Suburban. Let Shear Comfort seat covers provide you with worry free travels from spills or damage to your interior.

Customer Reviews for Chevy Suburban Seat Covers

#1 Review by FRANK K from Saint Paul, MN:
Vehicle: 2015 Chevy Suburban
Product: Sheepskin
Rating: 5/5
Date: 2015-05-21
Excellent product. I have had these on another vehicle for 4 years and I have no complaints.

#2 Review by Kevin J from Cary, NC:
Vehicle: 1997 Chevy Suburban
Product: Neoprene
Rating: 5/5
Date: 2015-04-09
Love them. Easy to install and they made my 97 Suburban's interior look show room new.

#3 Review by Ronald W from Grand Rapids, MI:
Vehicle: 2006 Chevy Suburban
Product: Realtree Camo
Rating: 3/5
Date: 2015-03-11
The covers fit nicely however the inside Velcro of the backs cannot be fastened due to a lack of space to maneuver it. The seat portion moves forward and requires constant repositioning. The head rest covers fit very well. The armrest covers were so tight I was unable to install but will try again when weather warms a bit. My seats are leather I wanted to cover them because they are so cold in winter and so hot in summer. The covers will improve that and I enjoy the camo pattern.

#4 Review by Dawn G from Harbinger, NC:
Vehicle: 2000 Chevy Suburban
Product: Leatherette
Rating: 5/5
Date: 2015-01-01
I love them. Wish I had ordered them Years ago. The velcro fastening is tough to get to work but with lots of pulling and extra help it's possible to get it to work. Side cuts for air bags are too big but they allow space for air bag to function. Seat belt velcro not exactly cut perfectly but it all works out good. My seats look fantastic.

#5 Review by Grigore P from Toronto, ON:
Vehicle: 2015 Chevy Suburban
Product: Neoprene
Rating: 4/5
Date: 2014-10-03
Very good fit I would recommend to anyone willing to maintain the car interior.

#6 Review by Justin C from Seaside, OR:
Vehicle: 1999 Chevy Suburban
Product: Neoprene
Rating: 4/5
Date: 2014-08-29
I feel the attachment flap that fits between the backrest and the bottom seat cushion should be 1 longer. Other than that I love them. Best seat covers!

#7 Review by Jerry Z from tonopah, AZ:
Vehicle: 1999 Chevy Suburban
Product: OEM
Rating: 5/5
Date: 2014-04-25
thanks for not laughing at me because I ordered the wrong one. customer service was great. product went on get and looks great. thanks jerry z

#8 Review by David C from easley, SC:
Vehicle: 2003 Chevy Suburban
Product: Mesh
Rating: 5/5
Date: 2014-03-14
After receiving the covers we installed them and they were a very tight fit. They look great! No sagging and the material looks like it should be very durable.

#9 Review by Kooper K from Enderby, BC:
Vehicle: 2010 Chevy Suburban
Product: Neoprene
Rating: 4/5
Date: 2014-03-08
Very nice although one of the straps broke on us when we were installing. will have to try and sow it.

#10 Review by Mark T from Oshkosh, WI:
Vehicle: 1999 Chevy Suburban
Product: Neoprene
Rating: 3/5
Date: 2014-01-08
They did not come with enough clips to install the seat back. I emailed a couple weeks ago asking for more clips but have received no response.