Commercial Vehicle Seat Covers

Shear Comfort has custom seat covers available in Heavy Duty OEM Cloth or Full Vinyl materials for conventional or Air-Ride seats. We offer commercial truck seatcovers for Bostrom seats, Freightliner trucks, National seats, Air Suspension seats, Semi trailer trucks and more.

OEM Cloth seat covers slip over the original upholstery, they are easy to install and are fully machine washable. OEM Truck seatcovers are designed to look just like your original seats, and are made from Dodge, Chevy, GMC and Ford upholstery fabrics.

Pro-Tect Vinyl seat covers are recommended for Industrial use where maximum protection against dirt and fluids is required. Vinyl commercial truck seat covers are easy to remove and install, and can be quickly wiped down with a damp cloth or removed and machine washed. Our commercial vinyl truck seatcovers are heavy-duty and high quality.

Shear Comfort offers Seatcovers for all Class 8 Trucks. Class 8 Truck Seat Covers are made from either heavy weight OEM fabric or vinyl. Class 8 Truck Seat Cover will stand up to high wear industry use. Order Shear Comfort Seatcovers for all your Class 8 Trucks!

Please call for fleet discount prices and ordering if you are interested in purchasing commercial fleet seat covers - we are available toll-free at 1-800-663-7750 from 8:30am to 4:30pm PST, Monday to Friday.

Commercial Truck Seat Covers
Bostrom Seat Covers
Freightliner Seatcovers
Air Suspension Seat Covers
National Cushionaire Seats
Commercial Air Ride Seat: $ 119.00 - Each
Online Discount Price: $ 101.15 - Each

OEM Colors - Click Color To Order
OEM Tan Swatch
OEM Gray Swatch
OEM Charcoal Swatch

Vinyl Colors - Click Color To Order
Vinyl Tan Swatch
Vinyl Gray Swatch
Vinyl Charcoal Swatch

Realtree Camo   - Click on Pattern Below To Order
Advantage® MAX-4 HD™ Swatch
Realtree Advantage® MAX-4 HD™
Realtree AP® HD™ Swatch
Realtree AP® HD™
Realtree AP Green® HD™ Swatch
Realtree AP Green® HD™
Realtree Pink® HD™ Swatch
Realtree Pink® HD™
Advantage® MAX-4 HD™ Sport Swatch
Realtree Advantage® MAX-4 HD™ Sport
Realtree AP® HD™ Sport Swatch
Realtree AP® HD™ Sport
Realtree AP Green® HD™ Sport Swatch
Realtree AP Green® HD™ Sport
Realtree Pink® HD™ Sport Swatch
Realtree Pink® HD™ Sport
Please Note: Realtree camouflage "Sport" patterns have camo inserts with black siding. Headrests, armrests, and console covers for these "Sport" prints are black.

Please see some examples of Air Ride seats below.

National Seating

Air Ride Standard Plus High Back with 0, 1, or 2 arms

2002 Standard Plus Highback

Air Ride 2000 Cush'n-Aire High Back with 0, 1, or 2 arms

2000 Cush'n-Aire Highback

*NOTE: All seats can have 1, 2 or no arms on seat.

Bostrom Seating

Bostrom 9 Highback with 0, 1 or 2 arms

Bostrom 9 Highback

84 Bostrom T-Bar with 2 arms

84 Bostrom T-Bar with 2 arms

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